Monday, 12 March 2012

Startups, Startups everywhere

The amazing thing looking at the posts and tweets of those attending #sxsw this year, is the amount of tech companies from around the world that are there showing off what they can do from their respective part of the world. It struck me that even though we may never recreate another Silicon Valley anywhere in the world, we have created our own way to develop startups.

Maybe what 'Silicon Valley' represents is a future step forward,  and it is not so much of recreating it, as it is getting the spirit of enterprise that it represents into regions and countries like Ireland.

What I think is amazing is that countries all over the world are embracing this spirit, Chile, Brazil, Israel, Poland, and of course Ireland to name but a few.  These countries are now launching startups to rival the best of America and Canada.

So events like SXSW 2012 are helping then to bring them all together to network, mingle and share ideas. We live in exciting times !