Friday, 2 March 2012

Startup Weekend - The Pitches Day 1

Friday - Day 1 - Update 1
Startup weekend, a 54 hour 'createathon' which starts on a Friday evening (after work 7pm) and continues until Sunday night (10pm ) looks to create startups based on pitches that have been voted upon by the assembled 'geeks'. Over 43 ideas have been pitched and here are the list of concepts that have made it through:

  • Pay it forward, track chains of good actions to increase their impact
  • A Tool to empower individuals to manage their health
  • Codor Dojang, learn how to code
  • Match program for mobile app
  • AI engine for gaming, track players
  • Political network
  • Online game to get kids engaged with technology
  • Nightlife app – what’s going on
  • Complain app to complain about scumbags in the bus
  • Business publishing in the cloud
  • Platform for wedding planning
  • Platform where job applicants can upload a 1 minute video to help recruiters
  • You pitch me! A way for startups to find investors and customers
  • Location based app to fix communities