Sunday, 4 March 2012

Startup Sites that Launched at Startup Weekend Dublin

Here are the sites below:- well done to all.

CareCoPilot -

Babelin -

Wedolution -

GoParty -

The MatchApp -

PreScienceAI -

Here is the full list

  • Pay Forward (@jink_it): Platform to track chains of good actions
  • Care Copilot (@carecopilot) : Colaborative care giving
  • Coder Dojang (@coderdojang) : Coder Dojo for crusty old people
  • MatchBook (@thematchapp)
  • Prescience AI (@aiprescience) : Real life actual intelligence engine
  • (@reckonednet)
  • AppAce  (@appacegames) : Teaching kids how to become enterpreneurs
  • GoParty (@goparty_ie) : Nightlife social network that helps people decide where to go out
  • ScumbagOnTheBus (@scumbagonthebus) : Giving frustration a voice
  • Newspresso (@news_presso) : Viral newspaper platform for journalists and photographers
  • Wedolution (@wedolution)
  • Babelin (@babelinapp) : Linguistic skills validation tool for recruiters
  • YouPitchMe (@youpitchme) : One coffee, one video, one opportunity
  • MyNeighbourHub (@mynhub) : Helping property agents reduce costs and improve quality of service
  • DeepGeo : Easy inteligence for geo