Saturday, 3 March 2012

A startup Revolution has begun!


Sitting at Startup Weekend in Dublin, watching the 14 teams (some of whom have been working since 7am this morning after working through last night) continue to develop, re-group, change, test, design and writing their business plans to enable the launch of their creations  tomorrow evening. They will think nothing of working through the night again, drinking coffee and eating assorted tasty comestibles. It is enviable and inspiring even, a revolution perhaps!

The fact that these teams are willing to stay the course especially on a Saturday night, when their peers are either watching television or out on the 'piss', is very encouraging. If you 'bottle' the atmosphere here tonight then you would be on to a winner to support the fragile Irish/N Irish economy.

This should be boldly supported by all large business and Government agencies to enhance and inspire all those touched by the current weak employment market, because this will achieve more in 54 hours than a lot of loftier complicated and expensive programmes tasked to do the same job.

Good luck to all the Startup Weekend Teams!