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Latest Announcements from UII Conference

UII Conference

The Latest Úll Announcements

Here is the release from the   Úll  conference.

You can register now

We're also announcing our initial batch ofsponsors & supporters, putting out acall for volunteers to help us on the day, launching workshops and a offering a sneak preview of some of the speaker sessions.

At Úll, you'll not only learn how to build apps, but we'll look at the whole economy of building apps. You'll learn about market analysis; you'll discover insights from speakers who know and understand Apple inside and out. You'll learn how to plan your app's development, and you'll discover the importance of user experience through examples and stories from speakers who have been and done it themselves.

Need more reasons to attend? We've added a list of benefits on

As usual, everything we're announcing here is on this list first : we'll be feeding out announcements to the website and on Twitter over the next week. Please help us spread the word!

Announcing Workshops from Josh Clark and Horace Dediu

On April 27th, before the conference pre-party, Josh Clark will give a day-long workshop on building mobile apps. Horace Dediu will also be giving a workshop before his keynote address in the evening.

Tapworthy Mobile Design and UX
with Josh Clark
From first concept to polished pixel, learn to create mobile apps and websites that delight.
This full day workshop is €150 if you have an Úll ticket, and €300 if you just want to attend the workshop. Lunch will be provided. Register here.

Asymco Workshop
with Horace Dediu
A detailed workshop on Apple's strategy in the form of a question and answer session.
This workshop will commence in the afternoon and last around 2 hours. It will be priced at €75 if you hold an Úll ticket and €150 if you only want to attend the workshop. Register here.

Programme Sneak Peeks

Evening Keynote
Horace Dediu's evening keynote will be titled "What is Business Strategy?"

...and this will of course kick off the pre-party at the Sugar Club. We can't wait.

Here's a run down of some of the talks that are coming on the 28th:

Making Great Apps
by Michael Simmons

Your app idea is important, but it's only the beginning. You'll also need a quality development and a launch plan. Learn how to manage, execute, market and sell your app beyond the usual details. Features, design, UI, UX, price, messaging and even the app's name all play a major role in your app's success. We'll take a close look at the things you should do and, of course, the things you shouldn't do.

Real-world UX
by Matt Gemmell

A tour of awful user experiences I've encountered both in software and out in the real world. The goal is to make developers think about UX and about how design decisions can affect people. It's a real-life tour of what not to do when designing user experiences.

You Are Not What You Eat
by Kyle Neath

Designers can't be developers and companies who build web apps can't build desktop apps. Well, maybe in 1994 — but it's 2012. Things done changed. It's time to focus on building amazing companies full of fantastic people. Build amazing apps that people love to use. Screw false specialization, iOS shops, and mobile-only products. We're people building apps for other people to use on technofantastical devices of tomorrow.

Call for Volunteers (Help us Out : Get a Free Ticket!)

Is the Úll price-point a little high for you but you'd love to attend? Do you want to help us make Úll the best conference ever? Then volunteer!

We're looking for folks to help us out for the weekend. It won't be anything taxing : we'll put you in a t-shirt and ask you to treat people nicely, answer questions and generally lend a helping hand. In exchange, you get a free conference pass. Email if you're interested. If you have a driver's license, let us know: it's a bonus if you can drive (you don't need to own a car).

Catering Update

After a meeting with our caterer (BIG announcement coming soon on this), we were advised that the Hugh Lane Gallery wasn't going to work as a venue for a banquet.

We have a few alternate venues in mind. Stay tuned, this is going to be amazing news. If you like good food, you will not be disappointed.

We've also confirmed the Bull & Castle as our lunch venue. Next door to Dublin castle, trestled tables, pub grub and craft beer : you couldn't ask for more really.

Unbelievably excited,
—Paul & Dermot

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