Thursday, 8 March 2012

Four takeaways from Apple's 'resolutionary' iPad


by Charles Cooper 

Perhaps more than any other contemporary company, Apple generates the most buzz, scrutiny, and envy in its wake.

Every time a new Apple product comes off the assembly line, it gets put under the biggest magnifying glass imaginable as crowds of onlookers parse the announcement with Talmudic intensity, hoping to piece together the "bigger meaning" and the likely impact on the computing world and mankind. For your consideration, then: four takeaways that you won't find in Apple's advertising materials about the newest iPad.

Elvis has not left the building

Tim Cook was the casual impresario for Wednesday's festivities, but the guiding spirit was all Steve Jobs. In the days and weeks prior to the latest iPad debut, there was no shortage of speculation that Apple might introduce a smaller, cheaper version of its tablet device. No way, San Jose (Cupertino, actually). It was just another example of the chattering class flush with the scent or desire for new Apple products getting out ahead of itself.
Considering that Apple's former CEO expressed disdain for the competition's 7-inch tablets, this would have been the equivalent of a palace coup. Cook and his team weren't going there. Besides, why fiddle with a winning formula?

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