Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Doyle Collection launches new mobile website targeting smartphone users

The Doyle Collection launches new mobile website targeting smartphone users

International luxury hotel group The Doyle Collection is delighted to announce the launch of its new mobile website, enabling customers to book any of their 11 luxury hotels across Ireland, the UK or the USA while on the move. 


The Doyle Collection has created the mobile website in response to the growing share of mobile traffic to, with mobile currently accounting for 70k+ visits to the site.  According to Google, mobile searches in Ireland increased 153% year on year last year and 15% of all searches in Ireland are now mobile. Globally, smartphone penetration is estimated to have accelerated from 26% of the world market in Q1 2011 to 34% in Q4 2011.

This increase reflects the changing needs of The Doyle Collection’s customers and also the evolving shape of the internet and how people interact with spending, booking and working online. The new layout of the site for mobile showcases each of the eleven hotels individually allowing people to book on the move.

The Doyle Collection is a selection of eleven “collectively individual” hotels set in the most fashionable quarters of six major cities across Ireland, the UK and the US. Booking a stay in any of the eleven hotels is now simpler with access to full details on availability, rates and offers on the move.

The Westbury Hotel, which is currently ranked top business hotel in Dublin by TripAdvisor, welcomes the launch of the group’s new mobile website to make life even easier for its business customer.

Commenting on the launch, Chief Executive Officer Pat King said, “Our customer is always no. 1 and at the forefront of everything we do. Given the increase in smartphone penetration and the increase in mobile traffic to our site, it was only natural that we responded to this and our customers’ needs.  The new mobile friendly layout offers an enhanced experience for our customers by providing them with easy access to The Doyle Collection hotel information and allowing them to make bookings through their phone more efficiently from any place at anytime.