Monday, 12 March 2012

Crowdfund 1 Million Launched by Seedups via SxSW

Crowdfund 1 Million Launched by Seedups

Austin, TX Monday 12th March 10am

A Startup for startups
Tech startups to raise $1m from the crowd

Intelligent crowdfunding platform Seedups launches Crowdfund 1 Million at SxSW Interactive.

Crowdfund 1 Million is a unique opportunity for tech-startups across the USA, UK and Ireland to reach out across their networks and raise substantial seed capital. The entire $1 Million prize fund will be raised from the crowd, and one startup will walk away with $500,000.

Seedups is the intelligent crowdfunding platform for technology led startups to raise money from its crowd of tech-savvy investors.

The company and its founders have been leading supporters of the proposed changes that the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act will bring, and recognize the importance that this could have to the American and global economy.

Seedups founder, Michael Faulkner, said this is a great opportunity to prove the power of the crowd. We believe that Crowdfund 1 Million will showcase some great start-ups and highlight how important crowdfunding can be to raising finance and launching new businesses."

The Competition highlights the increasing focus on crowdfunding for tech startups. Crowdfunding has the potential to create a new funding landscape, with President Obama recently declaring it as being a key part of the backbone of an America built to last.

Mr Faulkner says the appetite for crowdfunding startups is growing, and with the current political momentum, this will be a great way of showing what can be achieved. Crowdfund 1 Million is a timely test of how people are willing to crowdfund startups, and how this important source of new funding could be unlocked for the innovation led economy."

Seedups is at the forefront of the crowdfunding movement with offices in the USA, UK and Ireland. It was selected to present at the UK trade and Industry Demo Day, highlighting 20 of the most innovative companies at SxSW.

Crowdfund 1 Million officially launched today at the prestigious SxSW festival in Austin, Texas; the largest gathering of interactive and digital companies in the world. Information is available at Stand 218, or

Contact: Michael Faulkner, Founder & CEO            Skype: seedups1
Twitter: @seedups             Phone: +447989388508