Monday, 27 February 2012

SpeechStorm Launches Mobile Customer Experience Management Applications at Mobile World Congress

SpeechStorm Launches Mobile Customer Experience Management Applications at Mobile World Congress
Where frustration once ruled, customer care at your fingertips delivers a more satisfying customer experience and reduces calls to contact centres by 60%

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27 February, 2012 – Leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) application company, SpeechStorm, will be launching its Mobile CEM applications at MWC 2012, and will be showcasing this new approach in the provision of customer self-service and contact on the ‘Northern Ireland Smart At Work’ stand,1E67 in Hall 1.

SpeechStorm Mobile CEM for iPhone and Android helps organisations reduce call volumes, make more efficient use of resources and improve customer experience by combining effective self-service and a unique way of managing interaction with the contact centre.

SpeechStorm Mobile CEM includes a range of out-of-the-box applications for common self-service functions, which, studies show, account for up to 60% of calls to contact centres.  Providing customers with the information they require at their fingertips reduces the need for them to call the contact centre, resulting in significant savings for the organisation.

For more complex queries, SpeechStorm Mobile CEM manages the interaction to save time and effort for both the customer and the organisation.  Customers are offered a choice of text chat or phone contact, with a countdown display indicating the next available agent.  Customers can choose to connect and wait, request a call-back, or choose an available timeslot for a call, with the option to leave supporting information about their query.  This enables the contact centre to allocate the best resource to respond to the customer’s query, prepare for the call and deal with it more efficiently.

The initial range of SpeechStorm Mobile CEM applications includes contact centre interaction management, as well as account information, order enquiries, store location, credit card and direct debit payments.  Applications can be customised with colour and images to match the organisation’s brand and are fully configurable through a web-based portal to meet the specific needs of banks, telecoms operators, retailers and utilities.

SpeechStorm’s CEO and co-founder, Oliver Lennon, said, “With the SpeechStorm Mobile CEM, we’re applying what we’ve learnt in managing phone-based contact and self-service for organisations like Sky, Comet and Dixons, to create a mobile experience that benefits both customers and the contact centre.  As a customer, there is nothing worse than waiting on hold.  SpeechStorm Mobile CEM takes away that frustration by giving customers the information they need at their fingertips, reducing the need to call and allowing them make informed decisions about the best time to contact.

“Despite the huge numbers of apps available, very few address customer service in a meaningful way.  SpeechStorm offers organisations both effective self-service out-of-the-box, and ensures a smooth transition from app to contact centre for a truly integrated customer service experience.”