Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Some thoughts on MWC 2012 - Some notes

(these are some thoughts I had on the way back to the Ireland)

To say the Barcelona Mobile World Congress is massive is a complete understatement. My feet we not prepared for the walking that I did.

What can we learn from an event of that size. There are many players, but the market is open to new applications, that offer a unique addition to the traditional phone services, and data usage.

The main that struck me is how there is no clear winner in the convergence from web to mobile web. Apple has the lead with iPhone, but it seems that Nokia and Microsoft's partnership will bare fruit in the future, as will the Motorolla and Google Android link. There is so much these players can do, and with Sony Mobile it shows that the future is fast moving.

What for RIM, and Blackberry no big partnerships and from my view, an App market so that they can, not because they really want to, more a have too.

From the Irish side, I was amazed by how many mobile services companies we have developed and how they are prospering in this market. With the App market growing, there seems to be a very good reason for sidetracking the web and developing almost solely mobile products.

Companies like BoxPay with its mobile payment platform used the MWC 2012 to launch for Android and also to announce its increased scope for vendors.

All in all an exciting time for the Irish Mobile tech scene. We are covering the Dublin Startup Weekend this weeken and it will be interesting to see what is created over the weekend.