Monday, 27 February 2012

Review of Day 1 of MWC 2012


Well as my first time to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I felt that I should write a piece about how the Irish Mobile industry was represented, and marketed. I also was interested to see how the big companies showed their new products and services.

My first thought was how large the event was, it shows how the mobile industry has really hit its true main stream potential. Where the two parts of computer use and mobile use was split, the convergence has been rapid and mesmerising.

Upon stumbling on to the Enterprise Ireland stand with its 16 companies being represented, including Feedhenry and dotMobi it is good to see how Enterprise Ireland get's the benefit for the small tech companies in this burgeoning market. It is the reason why Ireland is seen by many as a hub for tech in Europe.

The most important thing to remember is also that its not just convergence anymore that interests the big players its also the major networks and platforms eyeing for the moment that they can become the top dog.

It is difficult to take it all in, especially when you see how big players like Sony with its new rebrand of Sony Mobile spending so much money on these events to make an impact that you wonder how the little companies can make an impact, well its with clever PR, effective government support and bringing together a stand like the Enterprise Ireland stand, to make Ireland stand out.

My only negative note is of course from the Northern Ireland side. I could only find  ( the only Belfast listed SpeechStorm tech co, so far on our site)  being represented from the NI side. Now I may have missed the others, but this to me is another indication of the inactive nature that seems to have dominated InvestNI, Enterprise Ireland puts it to shame.

Surely we can do better at promoting the many tech companies in Northern Ireland in shows like this.