The Entrepeneur: Eamon Leonard

Eamon LeonardVery few people have done as much for the Dublin startup ecosystem as Eamon. He brings people together at PubStandards, runs a very high-profile conference (Funconf) and sold his company,, to EngineYard. Orchestra’s HQ on Barrow Street has already become a hub for startup events.

The VC: Eoghan Jennings

Eoghan JenningsEoghan Jennings was CFO at Xing, one of the very few European Tech companies that went public, before joining Parklane Capital. But that’s not all, he’s also running StartupBootcamp Dublin, whose first edition is starting very soon. Eoghan understands early stage and will be a very useful guy to have nearby as you’re developing your concept.

The Evangelist: Josh Holmes

Josh HolmesIf you’ve ever been to any Startup event in Dublin, you’ve met Josh. He’s the Architect Evangelist in Ireland for Microsoft. Josh has a very wide range of interests, that are not limited to Microsoft products, and he’s passionate by keeping things simple. If you need solutions to a problem, Josh will have something for you.

The Blogger: Liam Boogar

Liam BoogarWe want international exposure for your products. Liam is founder and blogger at The rude Baguette, an English-speaking blog on startups based in Paris. Liam has been covering European startups extensively for a while and he’ll be able to tell you about what’s happening in your space, as well as how to pitch your product to the press.