Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dublin StartUp Weekend 2nd March

New year, new career seems to be the big driver for recruitment companies at the start of the year. However, this year you could start a company and in turn a new career. Dublin startup weekend will be taking place this year in the Google HQ on Barrow Street. The event spans 54 hours and will take place the weekend of the 2nd of March. You will take a concept from the idea stage, to development and present it to your peers.

Why attend?

Last year I was sceptical  about paying an event, I was unsure what I could gain or  if it is worth it. I can say wholeheartedly that the event last year was fantastic. It helped to develop skills, network and meet up with people in the vibrant startup community. You will work as part of team to develop an idea into a prototype over 54 hours, a mix of skills will be required to do this: developers, business ideas, presenters and graphic designers. Furthering mentoring will be offered to the winners of the startup weekend, this  will give the additional support to bring the idea to fruition.


There are a mix of mentors, developers, business dev, graphic designers, entrepreneurs  and people in various industries who will be there on the day. They can help develop your ideas into hopefully a fully fledged company.

One of the biggest issues I find is that people are unable to network with people who can help implement an idea, this event is perfect - if you have an idea but don't know people with the technical nous to execute your idea. The technical expertise will cover everything from iOS development, Android development, Web development to graphic designers and much more.

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