Thursday, 23 February 2012

Crowdfunding news

Crowdfunding bill
Editor's pick
We have been following up the conversation around the so-called Crowdfunding bill, initiated by US Congressman Patrick McHenry. The aim is to extend startup investing from banks and accredited investors to individual, small dollar investors, complementing the financial options for startups. In the investor role the individual will also be able to get the upside of the investment while the startups get capital at better cost.
Imagine the consequence if Facebook could have collected 1$ from, say, the first 2 million users. Patrick McHenry discusses the bill and what it will entail in GrowVC podcast.

New Video
Crowdfunding explained
Startups are recognized players of today’s community - as employers, innovators, visionaries, change agents or tomorrow’s giants. Having a full time career in a startup, however, is not for everyone, but there are ways how ordinary people can have a role in their favorite startup’s development and be part of their success. We’ve just uploaded a new video explaining how. Watch the video!

Milestones and Scorecards
New Tools for Networks Managers
Although assessing startups with traditional measures can be tough it is important they can be evaluated using consistent methods and with key data available. For this purpose we have just introduced the Scorecards tool which is a real must-have tool for network managers when engaging with stakeholders.
The other new tool, Milestones, is closely linked to Scorecards. A task or project identified though Scorecards, will be turned into an achievable target in Milestones - a simple and easy-to-use project management tool for startups and teams.
Interested to learn more about the news tools, please contact Paul Higgins at>

$200M Fund
Singapore Opportunities
Grow VC has partnered with a $200 million venture capital fund in Singapore. We are inviting proven startups to sign in for the challenge and apply for an investment from the venture capital fund. Companies should be interested in activities in Singapore and Asia, as well as open to accepting an investment of $1-2 Million.
The fund is open for startups globally and those looking for a challenge in Asia, can sign up for more information here. Startups will be contacted if they qualify.
Upcoming events
TSL Capital Creation and Crowdfunding Conference
March 13 and 14 in Los Angeles, California. The TSL Capital Creation and Crowdfunding Conference provides key insights into:

  • US capital markets regulatory transformation
  • New growth opportunities
  • How social media is transforming the Wall Street
  • As well serves as a great networking platform and topical discussions with key people in the industry.
  • Grow VC’s co-founder Jouko Ahvenainen will be speaking at the conference and we offer 10% discount to our readers with the code "TheSohoLoftGrowVC”. Sign up!