Saturday, 28 January 2012

Why Davos matters to Ireland ? (North and South)

Why Davos matters to Ireland ? (North and South)

Without being at the 'table' of talks on the various closed and open sessions she could be left behind in main decisions affecting the people of Ireland. Enda Kenney and his team were here. Paddy Cosgrove,from Dublin Web Summit is here with the Global Shapers Community discussing the Startup Community but Silicon Ireland has been unable to find anyone from Northern Ireland representing either Government, Industry, NGO's or civil society. Why?

Water management, health, poverty as well as dealing with the debt crisis across Europe are things that affect us all. InvestNI could be talking to organisations such as 'Water Resources Group' and American Technology delegations asking about where funding for research could come from to make the innovative change possible.

This is why we took the major step of going to Davos and understanding what this conference really means. What we have found is that there is another side to Davos, of people keen to be included., Americans, Swiss, Germans, English even the Occupy Davos, staying in their igloos to make a statement to the want for inclusion.