Wednesday, 25 January 2012

So Who Buys Deals in Ireland? Men or Women?

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So Who Buys Deals in Ireland? Men or Women?

Discount Voucher and deal related websites are now the highest growth category of website online*. With great bargains for all types of goods and services from daily essentials to luxury goods, it is not difficult to see the mass appeal of such sites, especially considering the current economic situation in Ireland. There are now a number of deal/voucher related sites servicing the Irish market, with Irish consumers reaping the benefits of the savings on offer. While we generally hear about the global daily deal sites, there is also a local Irish owned website offering a choice of deals for shoppers, which differs from the rest in that it is a discount voucher directory for Ireland.

While no one really disputes that these sites receive huge usage from consumers hungry to save some money in these recessionary times and with businesses only too happy to offer discounts in order to generate sales, the big question is: who actually buys deals and uses discount vouchers?

Both male and females of all ages use voucher and deal related websites, however, there appears to be a much stronger participation among the female population in Ireland. Ronan tells us that while users are both male and female adults of all ages, over 70% of users are actually female. Furthermore, over 75% of those female users are aged between 25 and 44 years old, a percentage which is also consistent with the male user base. This would suggest that some of the hardest hit age groups in Irish society really are shopping around to get the best deal, and that any organisation looking to target those consumers should promote their business on

According to founder Ronan Hickey, “they offer consumers choice thus ensuring they do not waste money on deals they will not redeem. Users can search by business type and location to find discount vouchers for what they want, when they actually want it. A user either prints or sends a voucher to their mobile phone via free SMS text message, and then makes a purchase in-store in the normal fashion but for less. Thus, consumers can actually shop around on the one site and only buy what they really want.”

Some may say that the above statistics are only natural because of the stereotype that women love to shop or people in that age group may have more disposable income. However, what these statistics do show us is that while females may or may not prefer shopping, they certainly know how to find a bargain when they do shop!

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