Sunday, 8 January 2012

Silicon Ireland News and join forces to list Ireland Startups

The Tech Startup community in Ireland is growing rapidly, but there is no real definitive list or site you can go to, though other sites have started the process. However, not all the information contained within them are startups. This is because there are no definitive rules, to who should list.

As some may remember we had worked on a project of our own, and it wasn't until we were contacted by Ronan at StartupZone that we considered partnering on this project. He had developed a site and wanted to see if we would be keen on partnering with him on it.

As you can imagine we were really excited and after getting the details sorted and the how, we are pleased to announce that we are officially launching the site and project today.

It will run for 1 year, and will be a Tech startup snap shot of Ireland vibrant tech community.

So if you have a Technology startup that you started after Jan 1st 2007, in Ireland (all Ireland both North and South) we would like you to list your site.

We will also be looking to feature a startup each week from the new listings.

We hope that you will support this project and make sure your technology startup is listed.

Please list here