Saturday, 21 January 2012

News from Grow VC

Grow VC in 2012
Looking ahead
THEY believe 2012 will be the year of the crowdfunder. This year, we will franticly develop the GrowVC platform to further our position as the leading social and global marketplace for startup funding, by involving more stakeholders and more ordinary people.
A lot is happening in the startup marketplace, new services are offered by an increasing number of service providers. While we will be introducing a number of smaller modifications to our platform this year, we will specifically focus on improvements to ensure that we remain the...

Best Marketplace for:
Ticking the four boxes
❒ Startups. We are making it easier and simpler for existing GrowVC startups and new members to communicate with their stakeholders, networks and peers via GrowVC platform to ensure optimal funding.
❒ Investors. We have introduced the social side of crowdfunding and will keep adding elements to widen the services for investors to facilitate the interaction between groups. We will also offer our support.
❒ Globally local organizations. We will offer extended support for local organizations building businesses and partnership in various corners of the world with the help of our own Lost-in-Translations solution and other localization tools. We look forward to share with you success stories from the non-English-speaking world in coming episodes of the GrowVC newsletter.
❒ Networks. The newest module to the Grow VC platform brings unique value to the network members. Stay tuned for more news in this section! Read more!

Own a Part of Grow VC
Grow VC shares up for grabs
We have taken on board some brilliant individuals as investors. We also want to welcome our community members to invest in Grow VC itself, however, the places are limited and it's a first come first served practice. Do you want to participate in the journey and own a part of Grow VC? Take action!

New Talent
So, we've grown..
We’ve strengthened the UI&UX teams with two gentlemen, Henrik Stürmer & Konsta Kanniainen, who focus on developing and implementing the UI/UX improvements that best support the features and functionalities the GrowVC community requires.
Our new blog coordinator, Quintin, is an international, multifaceted entrepreneur. On top of his blogging responsibility, Quintin also participates in the UX work that contributes to a more transparent, social and intuitive UX that helps users to find the right tools, people and information.
Paul Higgins - Before engaging in the startup world at the London-based Rapid Innovation Group about five years ago, Paul held marketing and technical roles at companies such as IBM, Barclays, UBS, and eBay. At GrowVC, Paul will be focusing on building a strong community of engaged Networks.
Ryan Williams & Dan McNamee – We added two skilled lawyers to the team: Ryan is a seasoned social entrepreneur, future capital markets attorney & advocate for innovations on Wall Street. Dan’s extensive background is at capital markets law in the US, the UK and Europe.

Key stats..
100 new networks and counting
In terms of numbers, we had a tremendously successful year. As an organization we grew 150%, hired people on six continents representing law, marketing and business development. We are extremely proud of the new Networks functionality within GrowVC. Networks has been adapted by 100 network members, among which are incubators, accelerator programs, universities, student networks, associations, institutions, startup networks, bootcamps, startup events, local networks and niche specific networks. We’re delighted by the traffic the Networks are generating and hence becoming the internal forum for seeking speedier and more sustainable take up of their businesses.