Thursday, 26 January 2012

Movie backed by Irish tech investors is nominated for an Oscar

Are you an early-stage, technology investor? Is there a certain lack of glamour and red carpets in your life? Then follow in the footsteps of early-stage tech investors Lough Shore Investments who partly funded a short film called “The Shore”, which has just been nominated for an Oscar.
The Shore” is directed by screenwriter and director Terry George who was previously Oscar-nominated for his screenplays for “In the Name of the Father” and “Hotel Rwanda“.
Lough Shore Investments is based in Belfast in Northern Ireland, which also happens to be George’s home town, and is a seed investor in Irish startups. Lough Shore wouldn’t reveal the exact amount of the investment but said that it was relatively small. “The chance to fund a business plan/project that we felt had a strong probability of getting to the Oscars was simply too good an opportunity to turn down,” said Lough Shore partner Danny Moore.