Friday, 13 January 2012

Emerald Valley in Newry welcomes its first companies

Emerald Valley headed by Nichola Bates in Newry, is on a mission!

This mission is to create something different in the already burgeoning enterprise Irish technology 
scene. through hard work and determination she has opened a centre in Newry to help those new 
companies benefit from location, skills pool and investment all in one place. 

As their website states
 ' Emerald-Valley is about nurturing, encouraging and growing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow while 
helping indigenous companies expand and export beyond our shores. Emerald-Valley is putting 
ideas into action, creating a space where like-minded people can achieve their full potential 
through hard work, networking, passion and creativity.'

Emerald Valley now welcomes its first occupants to its centre.

'Business Driven Change (BDC) provide consulting services in business & IT change and have 
done so for over 5 years. Some of their clients include the big 5 consulting firms such as 
Cap Gemini along with outsourcing organisations such as T-systems & BT and Orange. 
Building from a base in London, the company has recently expanded to the west coast of 
the US providing advice to the VC and PE communities on the innovation aspects of their 
potential investments.

BDC last autumn announced the entry into Northern Ireland, primarily to benefit from the 
talent pool available and the advantageous grant system that the government is 
promoting for companies wanting to start-up.

Of the decision, CEO Mark Rothwell-Brooks said :

"To complement the innovation appetite we have for our business coupled with the desire 
to progress, complete and take to market products that will complement our consulting 
services, the group have decided to invest in resources in this geography by partnering 
with Emerald Valley. We have an aggressive strategy of being activily involved in 20 
start-ups within a 3 year period and the Emerald Valley folks are an ideal partner to 
help us achieve this. is the first such investment and is the essential app for the 
business traveller - no longer will your mobile ring tone volunteer the fact that you 
are out of the country. The AwayOnBiz application lets you control where you appear 
to be by letting you choose the ringtone that is heard when your mobile phone is called.

2 other ventures are in the final process of being launched with an announcement due at 
the beginning of February. Although based in Northern Ireland, these are pan-european 
in nature and we will be hiring locally with language skills.  

With operations in San Francisco and now Northern Ireland, we can appreciate how similar 
the behaviours in people are, in terms of a willingness to take risk, innovate and think 
differently. It s a trait that has of late left London; there's a attitude of 'lets just do it' in 
Ireland, both north and south of the boarder,  a very forward thinking, unstoppable outlook 
that is very akin to the American never-lay-down-anything-is-possible mentality"'

Nichola and her team are officially launching at the end of the month, see details here :-