Monday, 23 January 2012

2012 - The Year of the Startup

By Nas Hussain - Dublin Editor

2012 - The Year of the Startup

The continual growth and the recognition of Ireland as being a hub of startups have made 2012 an exciting year for potential new businesses to grow and develop in Ireland. Over the past week I have had the pleasure of talking to Connor Murphy (Co-founder and CEO of Datahug, and Benoit Curdy (Co-Founder of Vocalytics to see how both of these Dublin based startups see the year ahead.

Datahug are tackling the problems of “big data and social networking” - they position themselves as “the enterprise relationship management company”. Connor and the Datahug team have seen growth and development of their products this year including a migration from SQL Server to MongoDB to handle the scale of data they deal with. Connor has an extremely positive outlook for 2012, with further growth of both the Datahug team and the markets they will enter this year. Connor’s enthusiasm and outlook for 2012 are positively contagious and see the Irish startup arena growing even bigger this year. It will be hopefully be another year of expansion for Datahug in terms of the business and also the engineering team who have worked tirelessly to make the Datahug vision a reality.

Vocalytics are investigating solutions to improve voice performance through analysis of speakers. Benoit sees Ireland as a “hub for startups” and sees this continuing further into the year but also wants to see these startups flourish as fully fledged businesses that can see a product through to fruition. Benoit is heavily involved in the start up scene in Dublin; he is co-organising the Dublin startup weekend which will be taking place at Google offices on the 2nd March ( Benoit sees the Dublin scene as healthy with a wide variety of opportunities for the startup community.

From the perspective of the Irish economy, Government based grants are available and the startup scene provides job opportunities and the ability to compete on a global with firms. Numerous success stories of emerging companies are showing that start-ups can be established in Ireland. The biggest task for the new enterprises is to successfully develop the vision and idea of the company into a viable product or service that can keep profitable and successful.

2012 is the year of optimism for start-ups. Great success stories from a vibrant scene which will hopefully nurture startups and see them succeed.