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2 bi dudes seeking another 3rd masculine dude any race

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2 bi dudes seeking another 3rd masculine dude any race

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I've always have guys tell me I'm but I'm not vain enough to care much about it. I will get to know you first than we can talk about how to make things better. Please Reply to this ad for more information.

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2 bi dudes seeking another 3rd masculine dude any race

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Plenty of people are choosing not to label their sexuality these days, as the rise of the sexual fluidity movement demonstrates. Straight women are hooking up with each other, straight men are hooking up with each other, killer whales are hooking up with bottlenose dolphins — all bets are simply off! Given the evidence that sexuality might be more fluid than we've all been conditioned to believe, it's only natural that we can't help but wonder: How would the average straight woman feel about dating a dude who might have a same-sex encounter or two under his belt?

Well, thanks to a new survey from Glamour , we now know that the answer to this question is "probably not great. In a new survey on the subject of sexual fluidity, Glamour "asked 1, women ages 18 to 44 about their own sexual identities and experiences.

But now for the double standard: Cornell University sexuality professor Ritch C. Damn you, toxic masculinity! Cock-blocking sexually curious guys from acting on any potential gay desires due to the crippling fear of being rejected by both society and potential wives. While these results indicate a double standard in how we view male sexuality versus female sexuality, they're not exactly shocking. It's also worth noting that because we live in a patriarchal society that deems girl-on-girl action hot and appealing , female bisexuality comes with something of an implicit seal of approval.

It's really that simple. In a world where many of us cling to our self-perceptions as progressive and judgment-free non-bigots, the sexual fluidity double standard is something of an inconvenient truth. A Reddit thread from a couple years ago featured women frankly discussing this topic. While some were more open-minded than those polled in the Glamour survey, others said they were simply turned off by the idea of dating a bisexual or sexually fluid man. Is it possible to change this?

But for now, uh, sorry, straight guys! Looks like you'll just have to keep getting your bro-jobs on the down low. Related stories by this author. Most recent This Week in Politics: Trump goes on last-minute rally blitz as midterm campaigns enter final days. North Carolina woman fired after video of her harassing two black sisters goes viral. Hate crime charges filed against suspect in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. This Week in Sports and Social Justice: This Week in Trump-Russia News: Behind the scenes, the Mueller probe presses on.

Jewish leaders condemn anti-Semitic attack on Pittsburgh synagogue. In July, rabbi of Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue called for gun control: Trump on synagogue shooting: In swing districts, Republicans may pay for having tried to reverse the Affordable Care Act.

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But, I'm not sure who he's fooling. Even if your not attracted to them and would never date them, all gay men should stick together and have each others backs.

On personals sites and dating venues, you have to be respectfully explicit about seeking masculine dudes if you are only attracted to masculine guys. I think one should be explicit and upfront about their preferences. Lots of online posters ask for married guys.

This is mostly because they expect them to not be big ol' girly gays. R, yeah, that's why "straight" guys porn is still popular.

So many people still live in the last century It's not about being able or wanting to pass as straight. It's not about whether you were in a frat, or say dude or bro, or go camping or play football.

It's not an on off switch, masculinity and femininity are a spectrum and mean different things to different people. I guess it goes back to hurt feelings for some guys? Maybe old HS wounds or something, from teasing or being bullied. This thread also reminds me of the I'm X race and I like race Y guys, but they often won't date me threads. People aren't always compatible, as friends or lovers. It can hurt and be awkward, but it is what it is.

It's kind of an odd thing to choose as something to mean we should all get along, all liking dick. Doesn't tell you anything about the person if you think about it. It's kind of amazing that anyone finds anyone remotely compatible with them when you take into account all the variables.

How many times have you been seeing someone and were totally into it, but then just one thing killed it all? Or found someone you felt was your perfect match only to find out that you weren't theirs, or vice versa?

When someone is hurtful to you, don't become jaded or spiteful. You're just hurting yourself doing that. Now I know there is. And those of us who don't believe in such reductive labeling get left out in the lurch.

Sometimes in a group of men where I'm the only gay guy, I feel too gay for them, but in a group of other gay men, I feel like I'm not gay enough for them. But there's nothing sexier to me than a masculine man who is comfortable expressing his feminine side. Even so, the definitions of what constitutes "masculine" and "feminine" behavior and manners of appearance has changed over the centuries.

I find a lot of closeted or "discreet" guys don't come out because they feel totally alienated from what society tells them is "gay culture," that if they don't like Cher and wear their pants too short, they won't fit in. And there's no counterbalance to that perception that all gay men are like the two guys on Modern Family. Moving from bars and bathouses to Grindr and Scruff helps those guys find each other, but there's still a lot of stigma for them internally.

It's not that they dislike the nellier members of the community, it's just that they have little in common with them.

Hence the eternal online quest to find other "str8-acting" guys. This is what passes as "masculine" to a self-proclaimed,vocal frying "masculine" gay "boy" on Youtube I can already hear the manly,Alpha male utterances as he and his bf stuff dollar bills down a strippers' jock. We get more guys like him in the limelight, people will stop going to Cam and Mitch as their default gay mindplace.

I do think interaction as boys to other heterosexual male boys is also very important in whether you become masculine or not when you grow up. I was always one of the boys, I excelled and played a shitload of sports, was into cars, wrestling, comic books, video games etc. When I was a teen, I got the dirt bike of my dreams for Christmas, and used to ride it everywhere.

I love to drink hard liquor and hang with my bros, grow out a beard, fight my buddies MMA style just for fun, bench lbs plus at the gym, and be competitive with my fellow man. I am a pretty masculine guy but I always preferred queenier guys.

I don't like the loud, shrill, obnoxious type, but I do go for cute guys with a little flip in their wrists. They turn my cock right the fuck on. Because being a man and masculine is the greatest thing in the world and being gay is also a great thing. A lot of gay dudes just aren't proud to be a man and they don't realize that masculinity is the greatest thing ever.

Or I'd be as "masculine" as my violent asshole brother I'm surprised he never killed someone. I grew up in two neighborhoods that were filled with boys, all of whom were my friends. Didn't make a bit of difference. Well all know most gay men prefer masculine gays R I mean "no fats, no fems" is one of the most cliched lines for a reason.

Does anyone care about masc preferences on DL? There are websites like "realjock" lolz and "straightacting. Talk about black and white thinking; thank god many of us fall within a grey area.

No, R, that's what my brother was for. His favorite hobby was beating me up. I didn't need to sign up for any extramural beatings. Just like working out and seeing which one of your bros is the alpha dominant male that we all aspire to be by being able to bench and lift the heaviest weight.

When I first went to gay bars, before I knew better; guys would tell me that I was a dream come true for gay men and that they loved that I was masculine. I'd take a genuine, loving guy that flames to the ozone over some self-identified, stuck schmuck, thanks. Studies have confirmed that "masculine" and similar terms for it is the most popular trait sought by men seeking men in personal ads.

I've met several of them over the years, and the only Fight Club that might have gone on was if they watched the movie together. I'm masculine and only prefer other masculine men, unless they are bottoming, then they can be a little dainty.

My two masculine friends however, like dainty guys as well as masculine guys, but to a much greater degree than me the dainty ones. Mike, the bi Army guy on again off again boyfriend, doesn't like gay bars, so we usually hang at 2 bars right by my house. And he would call his buds from his own neighborhood and we would take over the nearby playground and get a baseball game going every once in awhile.

Many of my friends tell me to 'settle' and 'shift my priorities' and go on fix ups with Nellie queens. Unless you're hitting each other in the face,which according to some of the websites of these "fight clubs" assures us is NOT allowed, you're basically engaging in merely a form of public foreplay.

Nothing says femme,girly,vain and unmanly as a bunch of ersatz "straight acting" fags concerned about getting punched in the mug. In fact is I see even the slightest amount of femininity in a dude that I might be into, I lose interest. One time we were getting ready to fight and I tried to be Rocky by getting a bunch of eggs and dumping them in a glass and trying to drink it and I threw that shit up! R I'm comfortable in my gay skin as well and open about being gay to everyone in both my professional and personal lives.

And I just discovered the Datalounge not that long ago, when Googling something and I got a kick out of certain threads and decided to start posting. Of course, there different types of gay people But it seems on here that a lot of people have issues with the more masculine gay men. In fact my closest female friend is a gorgeous and single feminine lesbian in her 30s in New Jersey. R this is true, all though I wouldn't call this guy's straight as straight men don't hook up or think about hooking up with another dude.

Because he's just trolling. His comments are so cliche and stupid Tell us, masc dude, who is your favorite baseball, football, and hockey player - past and present - and why.

Also, name your favorite football, baseball, and hockey teams - past and present - and tell us why they are your favorites. On the other hand, trolls only have so much time for endless wikipedia searches to sound credible. In my opinion he's the greatest 3rd baseman of all time, unlike the Steroid ed loved A Rod, who before he was a Yankee was actually a Shortstop, and the Phillies are my favorite baseball team my favorite current MLB player is 2nd basemen chase Utley.

For football, despite living in South Jersey, I'm a Cowboys fan, although they did to get rid of Romo, he never lived up to his potential. It was weird when the Packers played the Cowboys and eliminated them in the playoffs only for the Packers to be eliminated the following week. R also my mom, who is very feminine, is a huge Cowboys and Football fan in general so your "POint" makes no sense. Whenever I hear gay men talking about how masculine they are, they always sound toe-curlingingly self-conscious - like they're literally describing an acting role, rather than expounding on who they really are as a person.

The type of masculinity they subscribe to tends to be horribly regressive and speaks of an obsession with constructed traditional working class notions of what it means to be a 'real man' - beer swilling, sports watching, balls-scratching etc - in spite of the fact that millions and millions of straight men don't identify with that brand of masculinity.

It's such a narrow, limited and limiting way of thinking about oneself and other people. I just find it pretty sad that people can focus on things which are so superficial at the expense of the qualities that make one a rounded and decent human being, such as intelligence, emotional literacy, empathy, sensitivity etc.

Do you know how hard is is to be both a Devils and Flyers fan since they're in the same conference and are rivals. It's not about watching sports- you can love going to Broadway shows and still have masculine personality traits. You can be a huge Giants fan and have gay voice that will have me saying, "let's just be friends. Maybe there are guys out there who like queeny guys, but normally I find them cringeworthy and even as friends it's hard to be around them for extended periods of time.

You have said the same thing in about 5 different threads I think your posts have said the same exact thing. Why do you keep repeating yourself? Your obsession with "masculinity" is very telling. It's consuming your thoughts. It defines you but it's all just a contrived act. I bet you're one of those people that focuses on everything they do and everything they say hoping it doesn't come off too "queeny. There's a diva deep within you and that bitch needs to breathe!

That's exactly why it seemed trollish to me But that's precisely the problem, R Masculinity is typically what makes the x-factor, the butterflies for me; it's what will usually make me want to see the guy again. However, it isn't the be-all, end-all. Most gays who go on and on about masculinity, do so because it's their fetish. They try and pretend it's just their 'personality' but invariably they'll have a list of very specific requirements and anyone they perceive to be lacking is given short shrift.

In effect, their entire existence is ruled by their homosexuality and their constant desire of, and fixation on masculinity. At the end of the day, I need my man to be a bitch in the sheets. Most masculine dudes can't give it up like that. I like guys I can use completely, and you find that more in feminine gays obviously.

Yo I'm back, the reason I keep on posting about masculinity is because it's the whole topic of this thread! It's not like I'm posting a threadd on Broadway musicals and going on about my masculinjity.

Another thing is, in my personal life and. Although it does get annoying well I tell straight people that I'm gay and they go on and. On about how I don't seem gay and some even think I'm joking. There are far too many grammar, punctuation and spelling errors in this single paragraph to take its intent and content seriously.

Do you talk about your grammar skills? Because, you really should and it's nothing to be ashamed about. I mean, homophobes are reprehensible but the world is a big place and everyone has a right to their opinion, no matter how distasteful it might be. Straight people have been nothing but accepting to me; it is from the gay community that I sense violent, reactionary vibes.

Don't twist my words. Learn to read and comprehend. I am a pretty outspoken man, but in that scenario, I didn't feel comfortable voicing my opinion which at the time would have been, "gee, that's kind of an overreaction; we should just give these homophobic losers the royal ignore You know, the one tactic any smart parent teaches their child in kindergarten ". Ironically, the association is called Outspoken. I mean these groups and bodies are supposed to be safe spaces. I am a good reader of people and I assure you, had I voiced my opinion, I would have been met with condescending smiles, eye-rolls at best.

At worst, I'd have Social Justice Warriors verbally sparring with me for the rest of the night. And let me make it simple for you: Yes, I would never sleep with that flamer in a thousand years.

If that makes me "self-loathing" then so be it. But I can't even get it up for guys like that and if that makes me less of a man, then I am content being a shadow of a man. But make no mistake, it was his crazy, knee-jerk reactionary views that were most offensive to me. I have the best chemistry with masculine men - who in my experience are the most romantic. As an idealist, I really love that in my relationships. Masculine men are rare though so my dry spells are longer, and I am more single than not.

But that's okay; I am fascinating and I do things I enjoy. Don't forget gregarious, r! Fascinating and gregarious, sounds so 'straight acting'; straight acting is just that, acting.

Loads of gay men aren't into Glee, Beyonce, Gaga and Cohen. And YOU not liking them doesn't make you masculine either. But why are the more feminine gay guys posting in this thread of worse attacking the masculine posters in a thread that is about masculine gay men? If the thread title had said "Gay guys who want feminine gay guys", I wouldn't even lurk there let alone post repeatedly and attacking feminine gay men.

This further proves my point that a lot of feminine gay men have a HUGE chip on their shoulder and feel resentful and even jealous of the masculine gay man, who fits comfartably into society and values his masculinity as a beautiful thing, like most men do.

R yeah I've noticed that too, especially the reaction that I would get from the queeny guys when I was in my 20s and went to gay bars, before I knew any better.

I can't wait to hang with my bi on and off boyfriend when he comes back up in April, on leave from the Army. We can play some pool together and get drunk off our asses. And do the 3 f's Fart, fight and fuck. Find another board where people might actually care. Does your partner fart as you fuck him? You're not gonna see me go into a topic aimed at feminine gay men and talk shit and tell them that "nobody cares about how feminine you are".

R R we fart and burp as a bonding and sometimes competition thing and me and my straight bros do it too, it's fun. We never mix it with our sex life because that's gross and we're always really clean in the ass area before hooking up. No, it just proves that you are fixated on what you deem to be an acceptable form of masculinity. You actually sound quite unbalanced to be so obsessed with your gender role, and I really don't believe it can be healthy. I'm pretty certain you'd be a lot happier if you concentrated on developing as a PERSON, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually etc rather than being pathologically preoccupied with your own narrow view of masculinity.

R dude I get it and yes you're right everyone even Chuck Norris has masculine and feminine traits. I want a rounded, well-dressed, groomed man who has swagger and machismo and behaves like a man baritone voice, or lower; stereotypically male inflections and mannerisms and not a nelly, 17 year old white girl.

I prefer guys who are comfortable in their skin. There are "masculine dudes" that are hot, there are "fem dudes" that are hot; most, fortunately fall to the middle. Masculinity is the ultimate thing that attracts me to another man, if a man isn't masculine than I'm not interested. I like to feel like I'm with a man, not a substitute woman, someone who like myself embodies all of this male qualities that I admire and am attracted to myself. It's hard to know how masculine you are without meeting you in person, but I can definitely say you're pretty dim.

I can't imagine you'd find this coven of nelly queens appealing. One of my best friends is very feminine and I love him like a brother, he's one of the nicest, funniest and coolest guys you'll ever meet.

If you refer to someone as butch then you're pretty gay. But I get the sense that proud masculine gay man is not at all attractive and compensates with his "masculine" bravado. Why else would he have the need to be proud? No wonder PMGM thinks a night of binge drinking, playing pool, farting and belching is a hot date. I was at my sister, her husband and her niece and nephews house on Christmas and she was taking pictures and she ended up putting them on her FB page.

I got passed at her, she told me to calm down and that Maureen, one of her good friends kept saying how cute I was. That's one of the reasons, because I only like masculine men, that I end up hooking up with bi or bi curious guys.

I also always try to be a "stand up gauy" and do the right thing and live by my own set of morals. Just yesterday, I went over to a female Co workers house, who I barely know to move furniture for her, since she was getting carpeting put in. Forgive me if I react to someone's posting about my unacceptability. Those happen to be masculine more often than not, go figure. Your misogyny is showing. PMGM, you are attention seeking. You've made this thread entirely about you and you've basically made yourself seem like a "good guy" even though you've basically shit on FEMS as partners when you first started posting.

And then you said it again. And then you said it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

I like baritone or lower voices my voice or lower , easy and languorous smiles, sense of style, machismo and swagger. I am not attracted to high voices grates on my hearing , mile-a-minute speech sorry, not into teenage girls , hands swishing around like windmills it seems like a waste of energy. It's not that I think less of these people; they are just not for me to date.

Heck, if I were a straight man, I wouldn't date women with Princess personalities. So why all the disdain and anger for men who just don't find a certain kind of man attractive? People do it all the time when they reject perfectly good people who just don't happen to be their type. R, why don't you go to a site where holding "fems" in such distaste is welcomed, instead of insulting. Why do masculine Gay men go to Datalounge? And some question why so many same-sex oriented men refuse to identify as gay and want nothing to do with gay identity.

Men like to associate with those who affirm their masculinity, not undermine or question it. Deeply insecure and desperately pathetic "men" like R like to associate with those who affirm their masculinity, not undermine it or question it. I like men who have feminine features, feminine voices and big asses. Im currently crushing on a mixed guy with long braids who could be mistaken for a woman if he didn't have facial hair. He is gorgeous and plays it up sometimes by wearing women's jewelry.

Most of you would probably call him a queen, but that's what I like! I love to fuck fem guys. Masculine guys are hot too, but at the end of the day I want soft dude in my bed so I can fuck him like my wife and he can take care of me like one. Call men insecure, but very few men tolerate anyone undermining their masculinity, whatever the orientation. Call yourself "she" or "girl" all you want, but call a normal man those things and you better be prepared to have your skull knocked in.

R has never had the pleasure of meeting a macho-in-the-streets, bitch-in-the-sheets. R, just to add - that it's a totally moronic concept which is what most masculine men find offensive I think. They don't identify with women in any way but fem gay men insist on imposing their silly paradigms on them.

It's amusing at first, but the joke wears thin fast and one truly wonders if there is something mentally lacking in the offending party to refer to you with something that has nothing to do with you. I think feminine guys get a perverse thrill out of trying to cut masculine men down to size by insinuating they are not truly masculine.

But then when masculine men bash them back, they act like they are helpless victims. It's the "masculine" guys who try to divide us into opposing factions. I never thought of the difference before reading about all this br0 shit on DL. At least for the younger generation of gays teens to late twenties , it's the other way around and it isn't spelled out as clearly as you think. Rather it's an issue of the fem queeny gays gasping in shock when you tell them that you're not into clubbing, RuPaul's drag race or Beyonce And all the while, they'll impose their attitudes and interests on you when it's quite clear you have no interest in whatever vapid topic they're harping about.

I'm sure you'd find me "fem," and even "queeny," but I find Beyonce, RuPaul, and "clubbing" at least as horrid as you do. So take your fucking stereotyping and ram it up your ass with a bottle rocket.

Then light the contents of your whole hole as I laugh at your misery. Effeminates are sad people. Their entire lives seem to be based on resentment, hence the constant lying and trashing of others. R, the content of your message speaks louder on how it is YOU that needs a mental health professional. The resentment comes from knowing no one likes them.

Their act is offensive and annoying, yet they want bitchy nastiness and ridicule of others to be embraced. Not going to happen. Where does this effeminacy stuff come from anyway? I almost never encounter it in real life. Seriously, no one I know acts like that - the accent, the lingo, the bitchiness. For those of you defending it, where do you people live, anyway? Does Muriel now pay someone to resurface old threads some algorithm decided would get conversation going?

For all you guys who want to meet and date masculine gay men There are very few things more tiresome than queens obsessed with their masculinity. Butch guys are gross! R5, I don't know what any of those words mean.

The gay and lesbian center. As a straight acting gay guy, that holds my interests. I'm very picky, essentially. Something tells me you're unlikely to meet your dream cowboy at that event. Is this event being run by Hugh Hysell? I think we've found our poster girl for gayface. Straight acting men fuck women not men. R11, I got your gay face right here: I find it hard to believe that truly masculine men would sit around and talk about it.

There ARE guys who think the sound of a purse falling out of the mouth, is sexy. We need a masculine feminine poll. I thought they shopped at Lowe's during the game like everyone else. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that event! Interesting thread, never knew this debate existed in gay society. You really do learn something new everyday. R31, who is "Jackee from ? Marlboro Guy, here she is: Think I'll wear my Ungaro spring flock. Don't tell my big dicked black husband!

Fuckin' A, what about them fuckin' Jets. Would Vin Diesel date Johnny Weir? Is that supposed to be clever? And they come in the full spectrum of post-WWII male-identified mannerisms. The whole idea seems pretty silly Maybe it's because they think you're going to beat the shit outta them.

What makes you think masculine men want to date other masculine men? Butch guys are naturally attracted sissy guys. God, I'm glad I'm married.

I've gotta say it you are dumber than dirt. Dumber than dirt never came back to answer. You cannot be masculine and call another guy "butch. Carmen Carrera isn't that feminine out of drag though, R Why would it be? Who do I have to fuck to get a decent crantini around here?! Jack'd app has a lot of masculine athletic fit dudes.

Jacked has masc dudes. R82 continued combat fighting, weight lifting etc. If your entire existence revolves around what straight men think of you then your not very masculine, since it means that you lack confidence and confidence is the most masculine thing My best friend is hot and bisexual and in a long relationship with a woman, we've never fooled around because he doesn't wanna cheat, but if he ever broke up with her he told me he would wanna pursue a relationship with me if I were single He's my bro and I love this guy as a friend, and he's one of the most masculine guys I ever met and he's not straight either so enough.

R83 continued with this "straight acting" bullshit. We hunt together, go camping and fishing, spot each other when benching at the gym drink shots together, watch every sports game together, wrestle and do jujitsu together, we'll also beat each other up and box each other for the hell of it We rip ass and burp in front of each other openly and even piss and shit in front of one another in the woods when we go camping we don't use no pussy ass tent. He like me feels the same way about feminine gay guys it's just like dating a woman with a penis and were both repulsed by them sexually Although I do have 2 good friends who are a couple and they're both very flamboyant.

That, or your a liar. R89 they do exist, just a lot of them ain't open about it, which come to think of it, isn't very masculine to not be open with who you are It's very contradictory When I tell people I'm gay, I've had other people swear that I'm joking with them, hell I've been to gay bars and have guys come up to me and ask me if I'm straight!

Another thing, REAL men never compare themselves to a woman or even see themselves in a woman even if it's a "strong woman" REAL men should always look up to and admire other men as role models.

REAL masculine gay men should also never worship a straight guy and you should never feel inferior to them either They're not better than you just because they like pussy, you're both men and are on the same playing field, you can be just as if not more masculine than most straight guys, who come to think of it aren't very masculine themselves REAL masculine gay men also never drink fruity mixed drinks and they don't drink cosmopolitans They drink hard liquor, beer and do shots and try to out drink their buddies.

I don't want to meet masculine gay men. I want to meet masculine BI dudes. R, because you like the pussy breath in their mouth? R, anther proof bis are the worst homophobes. R I always laugh when feminine gay guys say that masculine gay guys think saying the world "dude" or "bro" makes you more masculine That's not the case at all as I know plenty of straight girls who say "dude" or "bro" as well Feminine gay guys have such a chip on their shoulder Get over it and be a man.

R93 you gave me a boner. Anyway, enough about R Confident and proud masculine gay men such as myself never go on about how masculine they are THEY JUST ARE They also never bad mouth or disrespect the more feminine members of the gay male community Even if your not attracted to them and would never date them, all gay men should stick together and have each others backs.

R, Chaz at like lbs or now? I hear a lisp in masculine gay man's voice. But I'm sure he's good at softball!! So much angst over something so simple. R53 and R74 have the most intelligent attitudes on this thread. Gender stereotyping hurts boys just as much as it hurts girls.

It's a little deeper than that R I find a lot of closeted or "discreet" guys don't come out because they feel totally alienated from what society tells them is "gay culture," that if they don't like Cher and wear their pants too short, they won't fit in.

Most men want to be masculine. That will never change. And I am not joking. I love to top guys who are all masculine and butch acting. Fairly obscure video R But what's your beef, bro? Dude sounds like any other masculine 20something straight or gay.

I'm a masculine gay and it has always come natural to me. It's no act Like being feminine has always come natural to certain gay men as well I do think interaction as boys to other heterosexual male boys is also very important in whether you become masculine or not when you grow up I was always one of the boys, I excelled and played a shitload of sports, was into cars, wrestling, comic books, video games etc. And can fart or burp on command Some gays just are masculine and a lot just aren't.

That group is for me. I can't stand gay men who act and sound like teenage girls. Oh lord, the masc troll is back after his last thread was locked. Please tell us more about your bisexual boyfriend who left you for a woman and the army. R I meant to type in masculine gay man R actually my army boyfriend is gonna be staying with me after boot camp He just broke up with his girlfriend and wants to get back with me We had some of the craziest and most intense sex, but he has "issues" I do miss us beating the crap out of each other drunk and going hunting and fishing with him I NEED those masculine guys in my life, whether as friends or hook ups Because being a man and masculine is the greatest thing in the world and being gay is also a great thing.

You can be both. Ok good luck R, may god be with you both. And I think a lot of it has to do with lack of socialization with boys when they were yiung. I crave and need those alpha man friendships as a gay man in his early 30s I just wanna go out and eat wings and shoot pool and act like a MAN. And wings suck, regardless of the gender you are or aspire to. You need to refine your thought process, R You don't know very much.

And if you want to be with someone who beats you up, that's called "masochist," not "masculine. No need to go on and on about it. R we play around fight by doing MMA style combat fighting and we also wrestle too. Didn't you ever play around fighting with your buddies for fun? That you think this is a good thing, well R we fight and wrestle for fun and also when you're drunk you can't really feel pain.

It's male bonding and competition Did you ever see Fight Club? Why are so many gay man afraid of masculinity like it's a bad thing? Who was the bottom? You or army dude? Isn't there somewhere else you can post, R, where you might find other people like you? Edna Turnblatt has openings, r, just where Masculine Troo belongs; opposition attracts.

Please send a pic of you and your tummy if you're interested. I have pics for trade. Please be under Discreet and masculine only. Looking for a fit muscular total TOP for a regular arrangement. Prefer guys who are bicurious or bisexual and very fit have a hot bod. Total top jocks only. I am NOT looking for versatile tops, versatiles, or bottoms. In fact, I am not looking for tops that suck dick either. Only dudes that penetrate only, never get penetrated.

I am attracted to muscular dominant guys who seem totally straight but will fuck my ass on the downlow. I am very picky, so make sure your body is tight, buff, and muscular. The key of guy I like works out a lot and it shows. I especially like bodybuilders, athletes, firemen, construction workers, frat boys, and personal trainers. Looking for a drug and disease-free masculine guy who an give me a blow a go. I can host or you can Send a face and body pic.

Looking to do this within the hour. Placed ad but have found no takers. Trying to find a straight acting DL top BI married or straight that has the urge to get head and fuck a clean and ddf blk btm. Interested in someone that is ready to play not just play email tags for days on end.

Looking for that good dick now. Looking for someone who might not be getting what they need at home Send stats and a pic for a response. I have pics to trade if you do.

I have a 10in cock and needs some ass to get me off. I don't have time for fakers. Want some ass, any race but must be in shape must be hiv neg and very very very clean. Please let me know ASAP!!!!!! I fuck VERY well!!!! You must be able to host and not that far from me! Don't reply if you can't take this dick!!!! Bisexual dude who likes to be fucked by very manly muscle jocks who are total tops.

I am on the DL about my bisexuality and just broke up with my fiancee, so I only will hook up with guys that are also discreet and closeted bisexual. Only muscular dudes with hot hard bods please. Send your current physique pic that shows your abs pecs and biceps and response.

Completely masculine, no one would suspect Im down with dudes. Looking for similar masculine, straight guy to mess around with. Athletic Jock - m4m - 24 Charlotte Good looking, masculine guy here looking to chill sometimes this weekend. Into guys near my age who are attractive, normal and discreet. Masculine Jock looking - 24 Charlotte Good looking, masculine guy here looking to chill sometime this week.

Into guys around my age you are in great shape, normal, masculine. I am in shape and masculine and I am looking for the same. Into anything safe and normal and I am vers I am a in town for a few days and looking for some str8, bi-curious discreet guys for fun.

Prefer some Duke or UNC fraternity guys or athletes. I am tall, VGL, athletic, discreet guy and looking for same. You will not be disappointed, so don't disappoint me. Please be young, discreet, masculine, in good shape, and good looking. The pic is me, and looking for similar. I'm a str8 dude. I'm only interested in guys with at least 9 and prefer younger guys who are fit.

Dick pic is a must though or webcam. I am 5'9, , 29 inch waist. Would be cool to find a dude I can shoot hoops with, lift weights with, and vibe with. Um, don't people think before they send emails from work?

Their IT will no he's looking for cock at work. I no longer have the link, but the most bizarre - revolting I ever read was a few years ago a guy in PTown who wanted to lick hemorrhoids. Bisexual dude who loves chicks, but recently experienced getting fucked by a hot athlete and want to do it again and again. I am only interested in straight or bicurious dudes who are very goodlooking muscle jocks.

I play football, hockey. I am very private and discreet, and I only want to meet guys that are also discreet and on the down low about this. Only jacked muscular dudes with hot hard bods please. Send your current physique pic and your STI-status. I am very Drug-free, Disease-free, non-alcoholic. I'm married to a woman, straight-curious, 27, six ft, , masculine, discreet, dd free and new to this.

I'd like to hang out with a masculine guy in a similar situation. Please be dd free, masculine and very discreet. Hairy would be cool, but not a must. Let me know if you're interested. I'll reply to all email ASAP. Curious attractive guy looking to give head to a hung guy - 33 Reading Date: I attractive, fit, discrete, straight but very curious, not too experienced, normal, clean, not into drugs or anything too wild Would love to meet a guy my age or younger with a huge cock I want to watch you stroke your cock then jump in and help out!

Masc dl latino here. Im clean and disease free. You're description should be very similar. The pics below are of me. Im not too concerened with looks or race mostly just a nice dick. Send pix so we can talk. Looking for a dude into doing this. I have to be discreet, as I have a gf. Masculine bisexual Dominican, 5'11", , work out six times per week, athletic, on the DL, total bottom. I date women, but have a discreet side I want to explore more.

Seeking very goodlooking DL dude who has muscular physique, works out a lot. Only interested in total tops who never bottom. Hope to find one dude that I can bottom for on a continuing basis, but on the DL. Looking for dudes like bodybuilders, athletes, firemen, construction workers, frat boys, and buff personal trainers.

I am disease-free, you must be too. I am discreet and on the down low, and you must be too. I am fit muscular and work out a lot, and I seek the same. Send your physique pic and details. I am looking for a straight hot guy who wants to pump my tight ass on the DL. You must be very goodlooking and have a tight bod. I am not into gay guys or skinny guys. I live where people are looking for hookups on Craigslist but they would not be considered "bizarre and hilarious" like the stuff in this thread, R I sent a reply to a Craigslist ad a while ago to a macho guy who was into roleplay.

I'm now getting emails from "Sissy". Looking to meet a bicurious dude who is very muscular, athletic, and completely discreet. I am completely DL, absolutely masculine, and date chicks. I am only interested in guys who work out a lot and it shows, play sports, and no one knows they are interested in other dudes. The kind of dude I am looking for is very athletic and completely masculine.

I want to find a bicurious buff dude who wants to play with my ass and engage in body exploration. I want to find a big buff dude who wants to be on top of me.

I am very selective, STD-free, and willing to wait for the right dude who is the same. I have only been with two dudes ever, and not looking to rush this. I love the Nazi doll guy and his dolls. I honestly do fear for his sanity, though. This will not end well. There's an oral bottom on local Craigslist who frequently posts the same ad, always with the same headline:.

I especially love guys with beards, and goatees. I am a top, love to make out, love oral sex, etc. I am a great guy, but I have been hurt a great number of times from guys here on Craigslist as well as other gay men. Please do NOT contact me unless you are what I am looking for.

I will report any emails that are rude, and any guys that flake out on me! I have had a great number of guys hurt me on here, and I will NOT tolerate that! My cock and feet pictures are attached, I can host, and I hope to hear from a great friend as I stated above. Diaper boy bottom You host hide this posting 1 age: I like wearing diapers. If that turns you on hit me up. We can do whatever you want I want to get fucked in the ass and cm in my diapers.

Dad wants to touch sons small penis Fresno hide this posting body: No reciprocation nessacary or expected. Dad is very understanding private and discreet and assures you nobody will ever find out what we did in private. This post is for boys that are 4 in or smaller when erect. Chubs 1 st timers smooth or curious boys are all welcome to be touched by dad. Dad lives alone and can secretly host a curious boy!!!! Pic for pic only if you send1st! The guy is 56, R Craigslist is full of pedos.

They are "56" or "59" and they are looking for year olds, "the younger the better. You know these guys want teenagers even though it's illegal to ask for them. Let''s post bizarre and hilarious Craigslist posts Here is an ad that want's to blow his wad on you while you're sitting in your car or he wants to find you in a restroom to blow his load on you. As soon as he can find a restroom, that is. The poor thing is from Alliance, Ohio.

Looking for one-arm guy Chelsea Mature guy, fit body, 6', , looking for one-arm guy for fun and romance. Your pic gets mine. He must need a one-armed model for a fisting shoot. Road head with abuse?

This is really hilarious, OP. This sounds like fun; off to go find crazy Toronto Craigslist ads to post -- be right back! The craziest CL posts come from the mid-West, for some reason.

I think they're the same guy. Richard Kimble lived in Chelsea? I think it's bizarre that no one on CL knows the difference between discreet and discrete.

Two dudes an a dude are having a bisexual threesome with each other A hardcore couple invites a guy to join in on the fun. The chick puts on her strap on and she gets the new dude to lick it and then she sticks it in his ass while the guy is sucking off her boyfriend in a bisexual video. Sep 08,  · Event Date: Feb. 5, , pm%0D %0D %0D Description: Meet guys who are manly in appearance and interests. Get into four discussion groups about what masculinity means to you, and the kind of masculinity you seek, then meet guys one-on-one in a free mingling period. Dudes Being Dudes. i In this bonus scene, Jake becomes fed up with the way his ceramic pot has turned out and finds another use for it. W W W Terry, Jake, and Chris compete in a log splitting competition - the Dude who can split three logs in a row wins! W W W.