Monday, 14 May 2018

Less than 10 days to GDPR - 25th May 2018

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Irish offices could unlock €3.4 billion for Irish economy

Ireland could unlock €3.4 billion* in untapped GDP if organisations were to optimise their workplaces, according to a new study by Ricoh and Oxford Economics. The research, entitled The Economy of People, found that Ireland could achieve a 1.0% increase in GDP by providing more up-to-date technologies, embracing ethical business practices and enhancing office workspaces.

The study, which involved business managers and employees across Ireland and the UK, revealed that 93% of Irish workers believe their workstation is essential to their productivity levels. The other leading factors were cited as office environment, including lighting and airflow, and collaborative spaces, such as meeting rooms and communal areas.

Business leaders also appreciated the importance of office environment on effective business performance with 87% ranking it as a critical element. Two-thirds (67%) felt that employee workstations were vital for output, suggesting that executives need to reassess the layout, design and privacy of employees’ personal space in order to help them reach their potential.

According to the research, if organisations were to take the initiative and optimise their offices, they could not only enhance business productivity but boost revenues and ultimately generate an increase in GDP. The sectors in Ireland that would benefit the most from office optimisation were found to be financial services (€1 billion), healthcare (€854 million), business services (€555 million), education (€489 million) and the public sector (€468 million).

With this potential revenue growth, it’s not surprising that the research found that over a third of Irish businesses are planning to spend between 5% and 10% of their total operating costs on office modernisation initiatives in the next year.

The findings also explored the area of remote working, highlighting that more than half of executives feel they provide the tools required to assist remote working and 83% of workers believe they could be more efficient given the right technology to enable mobile workstyles.

Moreover, Irish employees revealed that the improvement of technology would have the greatest impact on the amount of time they spend at work, how they collaborate with colleagues and those outside the organisation, and the generation of creative ideas.

However, it’s not all about technology with 90% of Irish workers revealing that business ethics and values encourage them to work more effectively, showcasing the importance of culture. The vast majority of business executives (97%) also acknowledged this, citing the commitment to ethical business practice, defined by transparency and sustainability, as having a strong influence on performance.

Chas Moloney, Director, Ricoh Ireland and UK, said: “This new research really demonstrates the importance of culture, workspace and technology in terms of employee efficiency and business performance. Of course, it’s not solely about output, it’s about enabling effective decision-making, promoting wellbeing, encouraging innovation and establishing trust among workers.

“Culture is the foundation of a company and it serves as a stimulus which enables creative-thinking and innovation. The optimal office is the setting in which employees can be empowered and supported by bespoke workstyles. Irish businesses have a responsibility to assess and enhance where and how people work. In return, companies will benefit from heightened levels of productivity and employees who are invested in the optimal office.”

The full report is available here.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Irish research council becomes strategic partner of Brainstorm

This Irish Research Council is to become a strategic partner for RTÉ’s Brainstorm initiative.

Brainstorm is a new initiative from RTÉ to help enable the academic and research community contribute to public debate, reflect on what’s happening in the world and put forward new perspectives on a broad range of issues. On RTÉ.ie, Brainstorm content sits alongside RTÉ’s journalism and content within the site sections of news, business, sport, entertainment, lifestyle and culture.

Launched in September 2017, RTÉ Brainstorm’s founding partners are higher education institutions from across the island of Ireland, namely; DCU, DIT, NUI Galway, Maynooth University, UCC, UL and University of Ulster. The Irish Research Council is the first research-funding agency to partner with the initiative.

In the first six months of the initiative RTÉ.ie published 329 Brainstorm articles from academics across a broad range of topics, themes and disciplines which have in turn accumulated over 1.3 million page views.

Commenting today (10.05.18), Peter Brown, Director of the Irish Research Council, said: “Internationally, we are seeing a growing focus on the need to inform public debate using evidence and expert opinion. This is increasingly important given the proliferation of fake news in recent years.

“The mission of the Irish Research Council is to support the development of expertise across all disciplines and fields, ensuring that Ireland has the necessary knowledge and skills with which to drive social, economic and cultural progress. Brainstorm is helping to harness this collective expertise to inform and enlighten public discourse on a whole range of key issues.

"RTÉ is to be commended for the Brainstorm initiative: the platform represents a further evolution of the vital role that public service media plays in the 21st century.”

Jim Carroll, Editor of, said: “Brainstorm is a home for new ideas and insights on Ireland and the world. Since we launched last year, we’ve been engaging with researchers through our partnerships with higher education institutions. We’re delighted to add the Irish Research Council as a strategic partner, as this will further strengthen awareness of Brainstorm amongst the research community.”

Any member of an academic or research institution in Ireland or elsewhere can register to contribute to Brainstorm by completing an online form to be added to the platform’s list of potential contributors.

Researchers can also pitch to Brainstorm to profile aspects of their research.

In addition to partnering with the Irish Research Council to further develop collaboration with researchers, Brainstorm will be an official partner for the Irish Research Council Researcher of the Year awards.

“A key skill for 21st Century researchers is to be able to effectively communicate the value of research to the public,” said Peter Brown. “RTÉ Brainstorm offers exciting opportunities in this regard across a whole variety of fields.”

“We emphasise quality, readability and relevance,” said Jim Carroll. “Brainstorm is about showcasing expert analysis and commentary in a way that fits in with best-practice journalism.”

Further information about RTÉ Brainstorm is available at: