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Look for regular non pro no strings

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Look for regular non pro no strings

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Test Details Allow Decimal only. Test Details English letters. Using regular expressions, you can just use the English alphabet.

Test Details Disallow certain characters.

Regex Tutorial - Repetition with Star and Plus

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Friends with Benefits The Ugly Truth The Proposal I What Happens in Vegas Regular expressions does not support recursion. Here's one to detect 4-letter palindromes e. Here's one to detect 5-letter palindromes e.

So it seems we need a different regex for each possible word length. This post on a Python mailing list includes some details as to why Finite State Automata and pumping lemma. You can check it here! It's a wonderful post! I wouldn't do it with a regular expression. It's not an appropriate use of regular expressions. As a few have already said, there's no single regexp that'll detect a general palindrome out of the box, but if you want to detect palindromes up to a certain length, you can use something like.

StackOverflow is full of answers like "Regular expressions? They can't support it. The truth is that regular expressions have nothing to do with regular grammars anymore. Modern regular expressions feature functions such as recursion and balancing groups, and the availability of their implementations is ever growing see Ruby examples here, for instance.

In my opinion, hanging onto old belief that regular expressions in our field are anything but a programming concept is just counterproductive. Instead of hating them for the word choice that is no longer the most appropriate, it is time for us to accept things and move on. Here's a quote from Larry Wall , the creator of Perl itself:. And here's a blog post by one of PHP's core developers:. I realize this doesn't really answer the interview question, but you could use it to show how you know a better way of doing a task, and you aren't the typical "person with a hammer, who sees every problem as a nail.

In Perl see also Zsolt Botykai's answer:. Have you tested it? On my PHP 5. I think what is happening is that while the outer pair of characters are anchored, the remaining inner ones are not.

This is not quite the whole answer because while it incorrectly passes on "aaaba" and "aabaacaa", it does fail correctly on "aabaaca". Here's my answer to Regex Golf's 5th level A man, a plan. It works for up to 7 characters with the browser's Regexp I'm using Chrome To increase the max number of characters it'd work for, you'd repeatedly replace.?

It works fine with any language, here an example adapted from the same source link as proof-of-concept, using PHP:. When "o" and "able-elba" are palindrones, naming definition2. As pointed out by ZCHudson , determine if something is a palindrome cannot be done with an usual regexp, as the set of palindrome is not a regular language. I totally disagree with Airsource Ltd when he says that "it's not possibles" is not the kind of answer the interviewer is looking for.

During my interview, I come to this kind of question when I face a good candidate, to check if he can find the right argument when we proposed to him to do something wrong.

I do not want to hire someone who will try to do something the wrong way if he knows better one. I would explain to the interviewer that the language consisting of palindromes is not a regular language but instead context-free. The regular expression that would match all palindromes would be infinite. I don't have the rep to comment inline yet, but the regex provided by MizardX, and modified by Csaba, can be modified further to make it work in PCRE. The only failure I have found is the single-char string, but I can test for that separately.

From automata theory its impossible to match a paliandrome of any lenght because that requires infinite amount of memory. Let's see how this regex matches radar. The regex engine enters the capturing group "word". Now the regex engine enters the first recursion of the group "word". The regex enters the second recursion of the group "word". During the next two recursions, the group captures a and r at levels three and four.

The fifth recursion fails because there are no characters left in the string for [a-z] to match. The regex engine must backtrack. The regex engine must now try the second alternative inside the group "word". The second [a-z] in the regex matches the final r in the string. The engine now exits from a successful recursion, going one level back up to the third recursion. The backreference fails because the regex engine has already reached the end of the subject string.

So it backtracks once more. The second alternative now matches the a. The regex engine exits from the third recursion. At this level, the capturing group matched d. The backreference fails because the next character in the string is r. Backtracking again, the second alternative matches d. That's because the regex engine has arrived back at the first recursion during which the capturing group matched the first a.

The regex engine exits the first recursion. The regex engine is now back outside all recursion. That this level, the capturing group stored r. The backreference can now match the final r in the string.

Since the engine is not inside any recursion any more, it proceeds with the remainder of the regex after the group. See the demo here. That is, it tries to match the characters from the remaining string. Now the regex in the second part would be executed. We want to match all the lines except hede , there may be a possibility of blank lines also in the input. Since the introduction of ruby The reason is that POSIX grep is only required to work with Basic Regular Expressions , which are simply not powerful enough for accomplishing that task they are not capable of parsing regular languages, because of lack of alternation and grouping.

However, GNU grep implements extensions that allow it. If your regular expression engine supports alternation, negative bracket expressions, grouping and the Kleene star, and is able to anchor to the beginning and end of the string, that's all you need for this approach. You can also use a tool that implements Extended Regular Expressions , like egrep , to get rid of the backslashes:. Here's a script to test it note it generates a file testinput. For those interested in the details, the technique employed is to convert the regular expression that matches the word into a finite automaton, then invert the automaton by changing every acceptance state to non-acceptance and vice versa, and then converting the resulting FA back to a regular expression.

Finally, as everyone has noted, if your regular expression engine supports negative lookahead, that simplifies the task a lot. For example, with GNU grep:. Using it, and a simplifier written by myself, I've been able to write an online generator of negative regular expressions given an input phrase only alphanumeric and space characters currently supported: OK, I admit this is not really an answer to the posted question posted and it may also use slightly more processing than a single regex.

But for developers who came here looking for a fast emergency fix for an outlier case then this solution should not be overlooked. The TXR Language supports regex negation. A more complicated example: Regex negation is not particularly useful on its own but when you also have intersection, things get interesting, since you have a full set of boolean set operations: First, it tries to find "hede" somewhere in the line.

If a line does not contain "hede" then the second alternative, an empty subpattern, successfully matches the subject string. This method is no more efficient than a negative lookahead, but I figured I'd just throw it on here in case someone finds it nifty and finds a use for it for other, more interesting applications. Maybe you'll find this on Google while trying to write a regex that is able to match segments of a line as opposed to entire lines which do not contain a substring.

Tooke me a while to figure out, so I'll share:. With ConyEdit , you can use the command line cc. They have the same result. Your if statement will need to match "contains" and not match "excludes". Don't put in a capturing group the thing you don't want, but use one for everything else. This will match all lines that don't contain "hede".

Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Regular expression to match a line that doesn't contain a word? Probably a couple years late, but what's wrong with: The idea is simple. Keep matching until you see the start of the unwanted string, then only match in the N-1 cases where the string is unfinished where N is the length of the string.

These N-1 cases are "h followed by non-e", "he followed by non-d", and "hed followed by non-e". BTW, it is nearly unreadable. Don't know about the performance impact. Sure it's not pretty for very very long words, but it is a viable and correct solution.

Although I haven't run tests on the performance, I wouldn't imagine it being too slow since most of the latter rules are ignored until you see an h or the first letter of the word, sentence, etc. And you could easily generate the regex string for long strings using iterative concatenation.

If it works and can be generated quickly, is legibility important? That's what comments are for. You can mimic this behavior by using negative look-arounds: Consider the string "ABhedeCD": I would not go so far as to say that this is something regex is bad at. The convenience of this solution is pretty obvious and the performance hit compared to a programmatic search is often going to be unimportant.

Strictly speaking negative loook-ahead makes you regular expression not-regular. People asking a question here are generally looking for a practical answer. Most libraries or tools like grep , which the OP mentions with regex-support all have features that mke them non-regular in a theoretical sense.

Bart Kiers, no offense to you answer, just this abuse of terminology irritates me a bit. The really confusing part here is that regular expressions in the strict sense can very much do what OP wants, but the common language to write them does not allow it, which leads to mathematically ugly workarounds like look-aheads.

Please see this answer below and my comment there for theoretically aligned proper way of doing it. Needless to say it works faster on large inputs. In case you ever wondered how to do this in vim: I can't compose does not end with "hede" regex. Can you help with it? Nyerguds' version would work as well but completely misses the point on performance the answer mentions. Or using only one process grep -v -e hede -e hihi -e Or simply egrep or grep -Ev "hede hihi etc" to avoid the awkward escaping.

The given answers are perfectly fine, just an academic point: For them it had to look something like this:

"No-Strings-Attached" hookups sound like fun, but can come with serious relationship drawbacks. Are you kidding yourself to think that getting it on with a guy, but not to fill that void when she met a hot-looking, confident guy one night. Along with providing you with someone to regularly get horizontal. “No Strings Attached peers beneath the covers of the exhilarating, The series is nominated for Best Non-Fiction and Best Sound Design at this year's Webfest. good and bad) that these bring about for us when searching for love in No 'normal person' wants to talk honestly and openly about their. Regular expression pattern strings may not contain null bytes, but can specify the null byte For example, a{6} will match exactly six 'a' characters, but not five.