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I need fucked after my Detroit

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I need fucked after my Detroit

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Detroit Rock City () - Quotes - IMDb

It usually takes ten minutes to a half an hour. All depends, you know? Okay, dope-burnout, let's get one thing straight, here. As far as I'm concerned, good tunes is good tunes. Be it disco or rock, or polka, or whatever have you, regardless of the category. Disco is just easier to dance to. What about the fucking dogs? You got a phone in there, man? You just stole my last ball you Scream and I'll kick your head off.

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Edit Detroit Rock City Showing all 76 items. Yes No Share this Share this: You and what army? I don't even think you have a gun. Have you learned your lesson yet, puke? Don't stare too long, boys, you'll go blind! Each fan has a favorite. Each one, a fantasy. At least gives us that FFS. A bulk of the RTA infrastructure needed to be built in Detroit, and the idea was to spread that cost to the entire Metro area.

I don't see it passing if Wayne and Washtenaw have to foot that bill alone. Manufacturing in the US is higher than it's ever been, but all the new factories being built now are extremely automated. Are you going to impose penalties for making use of automation in these factories too?

But there are still several processes including machining. Even laser metal sintering 3D printers need operators. At the GM plant I work at there are self driving robots, but several operators are still needed.

They're more supplemental than anything. So it's just some kind of weird system where we slap huge tariffs on things and kick of trade wars and hurt our own economy so people can play dress up and go to work at "supplemental" jobs? There are more direct and efficient ways to do welfare. Renegotiation of trade agreement won't set off a trade war.

Also they're full time line jobs and the robots are the supplemental part. And any new factories will have increasing levels of automation. The kind of jobs these people lost are simply not coming back in any significant capacity. We need to look elsewhere for a solution. He never honestly believed in any of these plans. His entire party opposes this type of spending. This is a great point. Trump's a New Yorker who grew up riding the subway, so he actually might see the wisdom in that.

We can hope, anyway. I actually think toll roads are a great idea. Not within cities, but on roads that have a lot of long distance truck traffic. I'd be on board with just tolling the truck traffic on its own bring back the weigh stations.

I don't really see any benefit in penalizing noncommercial traffic alongside the commercial traffic, for revenue that I think would just end up getting pumped back into the roads themselves by M-DOT repairing the truck damage. Trump thinks black people are criminals, you really expect him to bring fed money to Detroit?

Wayne County was a threat to him in the election. The way our country often spends on infrastructure is for big highway projects. I'm not super hopeful that this new surge of spending will be otherwise unless people get really loud about not wanting that. It's a pretty shitty day for a lot of people, to be sure. Time for people on the left side of the political spectrum to take a hard look at what we're advocating and who's coming out to vote for it.

On a national level, it seems fairly clear that centrist, finance-capitalist liberalism is not something that can create a winning coalition of voters, and it was foolish to ignore those signs in blind favor of the party's heir apparent. On a local level, it's almost more depressing, because most regions that asked for an increase in transit funding got it and our defeat was especially narrow. I'm hoping they can figure out how to do that and possibly come back in with a more narrowly crafted ask.

I'm shocked that Trump actually won, but part of me takes joy that the elite's had their plan blow up in their face. The millennial in me wants to say "told you so" to the DNC after cheating out Bernie, who was leading in polls against Trump by double digits.

The American in me feels awful and that as a nation voting for this thin skinned orange bastard, we suck. Don't feel awful that Trump won. Feel awful that the Democrats were willing to risk the future of the nation by not only subverting Bernie out of the DNC but by doubling down and doing their best to make sure Trump was the Republican candidate.

I think that joy is going to blow up in a lot of people's faces when they realize Trump is just going to do what every Republican has been doing: He saw that anger and rode it, but I think it was just a lot of election promises never intended to be kept.

It's a small joy trust me. It's real life Idiocracy. That said, Presidents are greatly overrated as to the effect they have on the economy. Congress still holds the power as to real change there.

The people who voted for him won't even be paying enough attention to notice the shit hitting the fan. As long as they think they are in power, back to sleep they will go. That's the only silver lining I can find. Maybe this opens the doors for a different type of Democratic candidate to actually win the nomination. It was so dumb to have Hillary locked in from onward without any regard for how the country was changing.

The problem is I don't think anything will pass without a splashy headlining investment in all four counties, which is what the BRT was. I think they need to figure out how to involve the outlying areas at least a little bit, they need to specifically address the autonomous vehicle issue the plan was actually perfect for that, but no one would listen , and they need to really work to turnout the vote in their core constituencies, and not just rely on Presidential election to do that work which backfired horrendously.

Also more outreach within the big corporations, where the CEOs all supported it but not enough everyday workers did. I think the pro-RTA campaign was pretty underwhelming considering all the support they had. The advertising around the RTA seemed to emphasize a sympathy for those with mobility issues, which works well, but only goes so far no pun intended. I forgot to indicate this, but that proposal would not include Macomb. The politics there are hard but it seems clear it cannot succeed as long as it is part of the service area.

Yeah, Oakland County's margin of defeat is easy to overcome, and even more so as the county gets more Blue and less conservative.

Macomb sent a message last night that they're not interested in any regional cooperation. Fine, they're out then. The way roads are designed in Metro Detroit leaves a large gap between Woodward and Gratiot, right where the majority of Macomb County residents live. They probably saw little benefit in voting in favor of this.

I think the RTA didn't do a great job of educating. There were going to be several CCC express lines that ran through western Macomb and eastern Oakland. It's not as flashy as BRT, but they weren't forgotten in the plan. But Macomb residents didn't want it.

They want to be assured of being at least five mile roads from the nearest black person at all times. That can also be attributed to how the proposal language was delayed so late by Brooks and Hackel that there was not enough time to educate people that for less than 2 Starbucks coffees a month, we can have regional transit. Modest is how you get the People Mover. If anything they need to go just as big if not bigger. Two years of Trump will light a fire under people's asses, hopefully.

On a national level, it seems fairly clear that centrist, finance-capitalist liberalism is not something that can create a winning coalition of voters,. Politics is branding and marketing. The Clintons have one of the most tarnished brands in modern politics. The milage rate in Detroit is roughtly double what it is in the rest of the area.

Sure you could buy a sweet mini mansion in Palmer Woods for the same price as a McMansion in Novi, but the taxes would jack you payments way up. Also, car insurance is more expensive in detroit. And then there's the services schools, police, etc. As someone who is not living in Metro Detroit anymore, and no longer pays attention, I'm curious as to what the crime is like in Palmer Woods now a days?

Do the police treat this area a bit more preciously than the rest of the city? And some surrounding areas are actually higher than Detroit. By like a year, and that's at Ann Arbor house prices. A drop in the bucket for a major advantage for both Detroit and the Ann Arbor area tech companies. And you are saying that they are not a big deal at Detroit House prices.

I'll let you two duke it out and decide who is correct. For what it's worth I agree with you The tax increase for the majority of Detroiters would not be substantial. But there are a few people here who seem to want the services, but don't want to pay taxes.

Talking at least partially out of my ass here, but it's often hard to move to the city. The couple of parts of town where it's easy to just show up, move in, and start living to your typical suburbanite, I guess, apologies for painting with broad strokes are actually quite expensive, especially when compared to some of the cheaper burbs.

The livable houses outside of those areas tend to be in places that a lot of people, right or wrong, aren't super comfortable plopping down in, and the un-livable houses are an insane amount of work to bring up to speed. Not trying to editorialize too much, I live in the city, love it, and wish that more people would I've lived in the city for 15 years.

Michigan's Wayne County, which contains the city of Detroit, not only has the highest property tax rates in the state but some of the highest taxes of any county in the U. The county's average effective tax rate of 2. And with higher tax rates, we still pay less in taxes than many other areas of the country It's because when you are taxing an 80k house and a k house you need to tax at a higher rate to get the same revenue. I was really looking forward to possibly moving to the city after I graduate, but with the condition that the RTA passed and I didn't need a car to get everywhere.

I'll be looking to move out of state now instead. By the time you move into the City, the QLine will be operational, and that will at least help you with your errands within Greater Downtown. A cheap car or carshare or Uber would take care of the rest. A huge chunk of my income goes towards my car - gas, insurance, maintenance, a recent ticket.. I'd rather pay a couple hundred dollars a year for an annual transit pass than pay thousands to own a car.

It's unrealistic at best to try living without a car in Southeast Michigan, so why would I stick around when there's alternatives? Please don't pretend like you know my thoughts and intentions.

Just because you're complacent in life doesn't mean we all are. If you want to move and that is your priority, by all means go.

If you want to live in an area with better public transportation so that you do not need a car I even understand why that is something that could be a priority for you. Most areas with better public transportation are higher cost of living though. Keep me posted on where you move to that has sufficient public transportation and your cost of living doesn't increase to offset the savings.

So, I understand why you want better public transportation. Heck, I even want better public transportation. At this time and for this plan, the costs outweigh the benefits for me. I have voted as have the majority of people to put my money to work in other places. A slim majority, keep in mind.

The measure failed by a few thousand votes out of over two million. Off year elections skew more conservative. RTA will have to wait at least four years for a chance at passing. Maybe by that time, LegalizeMI will get on the ballot without fuckery from the legislative branch. The school millage passed. We've got that, and we really needed that. It's just a delay. This'll give two years time for the current plans to establish and for their benefits to become known.

The experience they gain from mistakes that'll inevitably be made can't be properly taught by books. I was living in the pocket back in Most boomers I know didn't vote for RTA.

Many said Detroit wouldn't pay its fair share, just like the whole water situation with Highland Park. Like it or not, people are pinched in their finances and that's their justification. Now Detroit's forced to suffer for at least 2 more years. God damnit people, get your shit together. Stop thinking about your own pockets and start thinking towards the greater good for the city that we call home.

I'm cool with trump, I don't think he'll be that bad. But the RTA didn't pass? That pisses me off, I don't even know who would vote against it? It was like less than a hundred bucks a year in exchange for our city taking a big step towards becoming a modern city.

Just looked up the results; as an Oakland county boy it turns out it was our fault, sorry guys. This is never happening unless the federal government does the whole thing. The expense would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and it would take decades to build. Fortunately, there's practically-identical approach that works exactly the same way as a light rail line, but it's more versatile, ten times cheaper to build and operate, and can be put into place quickly!

It's called Bus Rapid Transit. If you say you didn't like the BRT idea and then in the very next sentence say you want a train system, then you didn't understand BRT to begin with. Eh, I get how it works and practically it is the same, but its just not as sexy. Maybe if they designed the busses to look cooler than normal busses?

We should be planning those projects to put us onto the cutting edge. Like, I would say they should amending the plan with a " It would really take the plan to the next level; and show that we can be forward thinking.

And would put us a the cutting edge of technology and transportation. Also adding something like that even if its way off in the future and maybe impossible and impractical might remove the complaint that the plan isn't very forward thinking, and proposing something that bold could generate enough positive media buzz around it to get it to pass.

I was still totally in favor of the millage though tbh, I'm kinda just trying to let myself down easy. I think the RTA would have ultimately had plans that were far more ambitious than this. This wasn't meant to a one-and-done proposal though.

This plan was just to bring us up to speed first with the rest of the country. It was supposed to be a relatively easy pill for taxpayers to swallow instead of expensive rail everywhere but apparently even this was too much. Commuter rail to Pontiac was already part of the current proposal.

Heck, its already started being built. But yeah, I don't even want to talk about it. The more I look into it, this plan was actually really good and bucks a year is not that much money. And if you have a k house or something bucks a year is still not that much money. I don't understand why people voted it down. I never knew about it until I got my ballot.

Without my phone to dig deeper I had to go off of the description on the ballot. Based off that I voted no. Now see it in more detail I would have liked to have voted yes. Maybe literature should have been sent out if it is as important as it seems.

The RTA did a horrible job with outreach and education, especially in the suburban counties it seems. If you look at comments on Freep and DetNews about it, so many people are misinformed and have formed opinions based off of the dumbest stuff.

I didn't either through any official source, but my parents texted me about it beforehand. It almost certainly was sent out. Probably just ignored it. It wasn't Oakland's fault.

It failed in Oakland by barely 1, votes, while passing in Wayne and Washtenaw by a combined 58, The problem was Macomb voting against it by 75, votes, for the final 18, vote margin out of around 2,, votes cast I voted no because of the wording. Now reading this and doing more research, I wish I hadn't. I don't have that kind of extra income to give to another charity.

I'd sooner voluntarily give that money to a group who has shown any sort of ability to use funds wisely and has a plan to make something like that effective and profitable. Well, there's your problem. You think that the only things worth doing are the ones that generate a profit. That's not it at all. It's that the people running public transit have a long history of poor use of funding and I don't trust we'll get a good transit system based off of what our local government has been failing to do for decades.

I think the only things worth doing with money taken by force are things that guarantee some sort of benefit to the community at large. I'm not going to commit people I don't know to hundreds of dollars of forced donations for two decades for a system that will probably not be done in that time period and likely not really going to be a massive improvement.

I'm not willing to spend money on public transportation when the current buses are always empty. Not to mention all the money that gets stolen from tax dollars in this area. It's only a matter of time until Uber has fully autonomous vehicles replacing buses.

Then it's only a matter of time before they stop going to Detroit because they keep getting ripped apart for scrap. Buses are empty because the system is terribly inefficient as it is currently set-up.

Create an efficient system and people will ride it. I am sure if people sitting on I had a good alternative to sitting on the highway, say a BRT line going down woodward, they might just take it Fully autonomous vehicles are not a substitution for mass transit.

The goal of mass transit is to move a lot of people at once. Autonomous vehicles still keep relativley the same amount of cars on the road, they just might be used more efficiently so that the average occupant per car is two instead of one. Sure, it will help, but still doesn't accomplish the same goal.

Go visit any other successful competitor city and you will see a well run transit authority with many mass transit options. It's like people that say, "No one rides bikes!

The RTA thing still perplexes me Fear of tax hike and or undesirables "invading" areas. I loath driving even 15 mins to work. I couldn't vote for RTA was in St. Claire county but I really wanted to. Fuck, I'm sorry guys. I am too tired to explain this fully and I don't have enough time, but this is actually a very good outcome for Detroit. Guess which region of the country is one of the top-five largest exporters? What this means is that they have a good chance to get some infrastructure spending passed.

This is good for manufacturing and transit possibilities. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. How to Contact Chase. Here is all the additional contact information we have come across. (See the bottom of this post for the latest info) If you are calling Chase’s main banking number, here is a visual phone tree. VP of . Never in my life have I considered a fetish that I would so logically not be interested in, and immediately want to look for more and draw some.