Monday, 30 May 2016

Dedicated Climate change exhibition coming to Ireland

The Cool Planet Experience is Ireland’s first visitor attraction dedicated to climate change. It will be based in Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow and will take visitors on an interactive and experiential journey to understand what is climate change; what’s happening and why, the challenge that faces us and how can we adapt to a carbon free future. At an investment of €3 million, the experience is the first of a potential global network to be opened around the world.

With free entry for all schools, the exhibition will be open 7 days a week to the general public and suitable for all ages. Visitors will get to ‘feel’ different extremes of weather from severe drought to the howling winds and raging waters and hear the stories of those affected directly through interactive experiences. They will get to envisage what the world will look like by 2050 if we were to continue burning fossil fuels and stripping the land of trees – and then take control and alter that future so as to see their own role in providing the solution.

The Cool Planet Experience is founded by Crowley Carbon through its charitable foundation which is led by entrepreneur Norman Crowley. The Cool Planet Experience also has the backing of some of Ireland’s leading companies including founding partners; Vodafone Ireland, NTR Foundation and Calor.

Rosheen McGuckian, CEO of NTR and Chair of its Foundation said: “NTR Foundation is delighted to be a founding partner of the Cool Planet Experience. This is one of the most exciting ideas we have seen in relation to educating the public on climate change and the action that’s required.”

Vicky Brown, CEO of the Cool Planet Experience said: “Climate Change is the biggest issue of our lifetime and for future generations. The Cool Planet Experience aims to engage all audiences to enable them to physically experience climate change and illustrate how it will impact their everyday lives so as to encourage positive action now. This positive action will enable today’s generation address existing and future environmental challenges, and ultimately society’s transition to a carbon free world.

The Cool Planet Experience, which is being designed by Martello Media, is currently in production phase and is due to open in early 2017. For further details on opening, keep an eye on our website

The Cool Planet Experience will be supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland, and academic institutions UCC Marei, NUI Maynooth, TCD, UCD and CIT.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Another wave of malware hits Europe, mainly downloading 'Locky' ransomware, Ireland affected

ESET finds Ireland among the top countries affected by new Danger.Script malware.

ESET LiveGrid® telemetry shows a spike in detections of the JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment malware in several European countries. The most notable detection ratios are seen in Luxembourg (67%), Czech Republic (60%), Austria (57%), Netherlands (54%) and the United Kingdom (51%), but Ireland follows closely with 46%.

After delivery as an email attachment and opened, the threat behind these detections is designed to download and install different variants of malware to victims’ machines.

If the user falls for the scam, JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment tries to download other malicious code, the majority of which consists of various crypto-ransomware families such as Locky. A detailed description of how Locky operates is available in a separate analysis.

“ESET users are protected from this threat. Our solutions are able to block its malicious intent to download and execute various ransomware families”, comments Ondrej Kubovic, ESET IT Security Specialist.

JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment has the same intentions as the Nemucod downloader that hit the internet globally in several waves; that also targeted Ireland heavily. ESET warned the public of the threat in late December, 2015, and again in March, 2016.

ESET considers ransomware one of the most dangerous computer threats at present, a fact that seems unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Therefore, we recommend both private and corporate internet users keep their computers and software up to date, use reliable security software and regularly backup their valuable data.

Danger.Script prevalence levels:

Luxembourg: 67%
Austria: 57%
Netherlands: 54%
United Kingdom: 51%
Germany: 48%
Denmark: 48%
Ireland 46%
Sweden: 46%
Belgium: 45 %
Greece 43%
Spain: 42%
Finland: 42%
Norway: 40%
France: 36%
Portugal: 30%
Poland: 26%

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Car Store opens in Dublin

Car Retail is set for a stylish makeover as Linders Renault & Dacia open Ireland’s first ever Car Store at Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords, Co Dublin on Saturday 28th May.

Jump starting a new retail revolution by bringing the car buying experience into a new type of location, Linders Renault & Dacia Car Store is on course to become part of the day-to-day shopping experience in Swords. Shopping centre visitors can check out the latest Renault and Dacia models at their leisure as part of their shopping experience while savvy online shoppers can take their research from the couch to the car store as part of their smarter shopping experience and try before they buy.

Linders Renault & Dacia Car Store will be a one-stop shop, taking customers on a journey from solo test drives right through to financing. The new Linders Renault & Dacia Car Store will be staffed with Brand Heroes who are simply on hand to help and help customers make the most stylish and suitable choice for them.

Linders Renault & Dacia Car Store makes it easy with 3 simple in-store steps to take the sometime hassle out of car buying. Firstly, potential customers can use the Renault app to design their car. Secondly, their trade-in is valued via an independent third party online market valuation app and finally, they can apply for smart finance from Renault’s own bank RCI (Renault Bank).

Dealer Principal Paul Linders said: “The concept of the car store seems like a natural progression for us. In any business you need to innovate to survive and the internet has played a key part in revolutionising how Irish people shop for cars. We are in the process of opening our third dealership Linders Renault & Dacia Swords Turvey just up the road and in the process, we spoke to a lot of locals while deciding about where to open. While we knew that the area had a large and growing population for an outlet to service, we didn’t foresee the number of people that told us they would be interested in seeing an alternative to the traditional garage in the area. So, we simply listened and when we thought about it, it made sense.

That said we know the importance of catering for those who prefer the traditional route. With that in mind, Linders are set to expand their traditional motor dealerships with a brand new branch in Swords Turvey this June, a sign we are waving goodbye to the recession in the rear view mirror. I won’t miss it”.

Linders Renault & Dacia currently operate two dealerships in Finglas and Chapelizod. Opening in Smithfield in 1938, the family business has grown to be one of the longest established car dealers in Dublin. Over their almost 80 years in business, Linders have prided themselves on their excellent customer service and building relationships with customers that lasts a lifetime. They believe in understanding the individual needs of each customer to ensure they select the car that is right for them.

Ian Hunter from Pavilions Shopping Centre said “We are delighted to welcome Linders Renault to the Pavilions Shopping Centre. Having Ireland’s first car store set up shop with us has been an exciting venture. We think our customers will relish the opportunity to have the car showroom come to them, where they like to shop”.

Renault Group has enjoyed huge market growth over the last 3 years growing their share of the market from 5.5% in 2012 to over 9% in 2016 in cars and vans. In fact, Renault and Dacia are driving the market with the highest volume growth of any brand year to date up 48% and 42% respectively, helped in the main by the launch of the Renault Kadjar late last year. An All-New Megane will hit the streets next month just in time for the 162 registrations.