Friday, 21 April 2017

Future Health Summit 2017

Future Health Summit, one of the largest health care events in Europe is returning to the Citywest Convention Centre on the 24th and 25th of May.

The Future Health Summit, now in its 14th year, drew in excess of 2,500 attendees last year with 25% coming from overseas to what has been dubbed the “Global Gathering for Healthcare”.

This event is the only global event of its kind that is attended by political policy makers, the public sector, the private sector, pharma & MedTech companies that come together to engage and share expertise across 13 stages over two days.

Speakers over the two day event include internationally renowned speakers such as:

  • Paul Corrigan CBE, Non-Exec Director Care Quality Commission, Former Director of Strategy & Commissioning NHS London Strategic Health Authority and Former Health Policy Adviser to Tony Blair. Corrigan is credited as the man behind the Labour government's policy on "Foundation Hospitals" and has written widely about the principle of choice.
  • Dr. Tracey Cooper, Chief Executive, NHS Public Health Wales and Former Chief Executive of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA). Cooper has been vocal about the Irish health system failing its patients.
  • Thomas Thornton, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Northwell Ventures, the largest private employer in New York State with 62,000 employees and 21 hospitals
  • Eilísh Hardiman, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Group, Ireland. Hardiman is overseeing the integration of the three existing children’s hospitals into one organisation before transitioning to the new children’s hospital.
  • Chuck Bogosta, President of UMPC. Bogosta serves as President of the International and Commercial Services Division (ICSD) of UPMC. As a leader of ICSD, he is responsible for international development efforts, including the creation of a new biomedical research center in Sicily, a leading transplant hospital in Palermo, Italy, and cancer treatment centers in Ireland.
  • Prof. Arne Björnberg, Health Consumer Powerhouse, is the producer of the Euro Health Consumer Index , Europe's only regular comparative analysis of national health systems in 33 countries.
After a tumultuous 12 months for healthcare on both sides of the Atlantic topical issues that will be discussed include, Healthcare in the wake of Brexit, fallouts regarding ACA and ACHA in the United States, best practice in multiple EU and Nordic countries, as well the threats and benefits of healthcare in a digital age, for instance the rise of sexually transmitted disease on college campuses due to dating apps.

The conference organisers founded the conference when they recognised the lack of conversations and knowledge occurring between people involved in the different sectors of healthcare both nationally and on an international level.

David Neville, founder of Future Health Summit:
“The Future Health Summit is a must attend event with opportunities to network, promote your company and be part of the conversation developing the Future of Healthcare. This year we have more international health leaders and policymakers providing their contribution to resolving some of the biggest issues in Global Healthcare”.

Current Grand Marshall of the NY St. Patrick’s Day parade and previous Future Health Summit attendee Michael J. Dowling, president and chief executive officer of the Northwell Health spoke of the conference’s unique value proposition for Irish People working abroad in Healthcare, “This Conference is another one of Ireland’s global contributions. Attendance at the the Future Health Summit is highly recommended for all who wish to engage in a stimulating interchange on the future of healthcare – globally and domestically.  Combined with Irish hospitality, it’s an experience not to be missed.  I look forward to being there.”  Dowling  has for 10 consecutive years been ranked by Modern Healthcare as one the "100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare."

There are also numerous discussions taking place at the event featuring innovative health-tech startups and intriguing academic studies such as Emma Teeling, Director of the Centre for Irish Bat Research, Grace Caffola, Baby in a box - supplying the only internationally safe certified baby box on the market and Rejuvula, a brand new treatment for vaginal rejuvenation involving Dracula Therapy™.

Attendance is highly encouraged for private medical companies, health-tech startups, medical professionals, healthcare management, policy makers, HR professionals and VCs looking at MedTech for their portfolio.

The event is 6 CPD Points per day Qualified and also features the Beacon Hospital Symposium 2017 which has been accredited by EBAMP as a CPD event for Medical Physicists at EQF Level 8 and offers 15 CPD credit points.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Equinox continues investment in Ireland

Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data centre company, today announced that its total investment in Ireland now surpasses €18.5 million with the launch of Equinix Cloud Exchange™. The advanced interconnection solution will provide customers with direct access to the biggest global cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

The service is specifically designed for businesses that need access to multiple cloud service providers (CSPs). Equinix Cloud Exchange allows enterprises to mix and match each nuanced digital requirement with the CSP that best caters to it.

Equinix has continued to see strong demand for cloud connectivity — year-on-year growth of Equinix Cloud Exchange in markets where it already has a presence, more than doubled from 2015 to 2016. Through its latest investment in the Irish market, Equinix aims to better serve those cloud demands in Ireland also.

Following its acquisition of TelecityGroup in 2016, the company has invested more than 18.5 million in expanding and improving its Irish data centre sites and rolling out more advanced business solutions, such as Equinix Cloud Exchange, to better meet the needs of its Irish customers.

Equinix data centres house a growing cloud ecosystem of over 500 CSPs and SaaS solutions globally. The global Equinix Cloud Exchange platform offers direct, private connections to leading CSPs, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Office 365, Oracle Cloud and Salesforce. Through Microsoft, Irish customers will gain from a dedicated, high-throughput network connection between Microsoft Azure data centres and their own on-premise IT environments.

By eliminating the need to build separate connections with each individual CSP, Equinix Cloud Exchange enables greater speed to market and scalability. The technology behind the Cloud Exchange makes it possible to interconnect with multiple cloud services in near real time.

Bypassing the public internet, the solution offers faster private cloud connectivity that removes the security and time concerns that many businesses have when considering cloud adoption. Testing by Equinix has found that businesses can increase data throughput by up to 147% when using Cloud Exchange, as opposed to public internet connections.

Maurice Mortell, managing director for Ireland and emerging markets, Equinix, said: “Equinix Cloud Exchange will help Irish and Irish-based businesses better navigate their digital journey. Most of the bigger businesses in Ireland are now either adopting cloud, or seriously contemplating it. This is a natural next step for those businesses in their digital transformation. Equinix Cloud Exchange provides the flexibility, access, security and speed to market that businesses in Ireland need to achieve a stronger competitive advantage.”

“We expect the addition of Equinix Cloud Exchange reinforce Ireland’s place among the top internet economies in the world and help us to capture a greater share of the foreign direct investment market. Ireland is already viewed as an attractive location for data hosting and by offering this kind of connectivity, we are adding to that story.”

Ross Ortega, partner program manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft Corp, said: “We are pleased to see Equinix’s commitment to Microsoft ExpressRoute as it expands Equinix Cloud Exchange into new markets. Our continued collaboration gives customers seamless, automated, real-time provisioning capabilities and tools to allow them to adopt Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.”

James Eibisch, research director, IDC, said: “The Irish cloud market is growing slightly faster than the European market as a whole. There has been an enormous amount of investment in cloud in Ireland resulting in a great level of supply for such a relatively small market. The uptake of cloud and the evolution to multi-cloud will have a knock-on effect on the economy and help propel it towards the digital age.”

Since the arrival of Equinix in Ireland last year, businesses with data hosted in Ireland have been able to interconnect with global enterprises in more than 41 markets using Equinix’s ultra-high-speed interconnection platform. As those businesses increasingly rely on technology to achieve their business goals, their cloud requirements are evolving and growing. IDC estimates that Irish cloud adoption will grow by 22% CAGR from 2015 to 2020 – higher than the average growth rate in the European cloud market.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Laureate Awards programme launches 2017

The Laureate Awards programme was officially launched  by the Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton TD, and the Minister for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan TD.  Initial funding of €1.5 million was announced to start the programme by the Government last October as part of Budget 2017.

What is frontier research?
Welcoming the Minister’s announcement, Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, Chair of the Irish Research Council, said: “’Frontier research’ refers to research at the forefront of creating new knowledge.  It is research that is daring, that pushes boundaries, that moves beyond the frontiers of our current understanding.

“For too long, this type of research has been chronically underfunded.  Currently, our research ecosystem holds very few opportunities for exceptional researchers to engage in frontier research.  With the new Laureate Awards, that’s all about to change.”

Professor Ohlmeyer said, in recent years, frontier research has gained increasing support from governments across the world and, at pan-European level, from the European Research Council. 

“History shows clearly why this type of research is worth funding,” she said.  “In Ireland alone, you can look at examples like George Boole’s work in the 1850s: his system of Boolean algebra is now used in the design and operation of computers and switching circuits.  Or there’s Irish physicist Ernest Walton: he designed and built the first successful particle accelerator, which enabled him – along with John Cockcroft – to split the atom in the early 1930s.

“Frontier research can enhance our understanding of the world and lead to practical applications now, or many years in the future.”

Examples of frontier research currently underway in Ireland include the following:

  • Professor Daniel Kelly, based at Trinity College Dublin, is developing tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting strategies to regenerate damaged and diseased musculoskeletal tissues. 
  • Professor Anna Davies, also of Trinity College Dublin, is assessing the practice and sustainability potential of food-sharing in cities.
  • Professor Emma Teeling, of University College Dublin, is researching the molecular basis of extended health-spans by studying wild bats that live for exceptionally long periods of time.
  • Dr. Maria McNamara of University College Cork is researching the evolution of animal colours, and exploring how coloration is preserved in fossils. 

Funding Criteria
For the first call under the new Irish Research Council Laureate Awards, applications are invited from researchers across all disciplines at the early and mid-stages of their careers.

Researchers from anywhere in the world may apply to the awards programme. Funding will be awarded solely on the basis of excellence, with applications assessed through a rigorous and independent international peer-review process. 

“This new programme has a key role to play both in retaining excellent researchers in the Irish system and in attracting the best research talent to Ireland,” said Professor Ohlmeyer. “It will enhance our overall competitiveness and should ensure greater success for Ireland-based researchers in European awards programmes.”

Irish Research Council Annual Report
In addition to the Laureate Awards, the Irish Research Council launched its 2016 annual report today.  The report highlights the Council’s support of 1,629 researchers last year, across a portfolio of awards worth in excess of €100 million.

Also in 2016, the Council:

  • Funded projects with 223 enterprise partners;
  • Supported 55 projects involving collaboration with civic society groups;
  • Engaged in partnerships with 17 different Government Departments and State Agencies;
  • Provided 106 knowledge exchange and networking awards; and
  • Funded 29 flagship projects marking the Decade of Centenaries. 

Commenting today, Dr. Eucharia Meehan, Director of the Irish Research Council, said: “In 2016, we increased collaboration with a wide range of public sector, industry and civil society partners.  We also launched the #LoveIrishResearch campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of research.

“Having a vibrant research community – and strong public support for research – is increasingly important. Over the past year, we have seen extremely worrying trends emerge, including ‘alternative facts’, fake news and the notion of a ‘post-truth’ society. 

“Against this backdrop, it is more important than ever before that we fund and promote researchers to produce quality research and facts of undisputed provenance.”

2017: A Milestone Year
Dr Meehan said 2017 will be a “milestone year” for the Irish Research Council.

“This year is shaping up to be even busier than the last,” she said.  “Throughout 2017, we will be celebrating 15 years of funding excellent research across all disciplines, and we will be marking this milestone year by engaging in high-profile public events and producing a suite of research-focused resources.”