Sunday, 21 December 2014

UK operators pledge £5B rural spend in government deal

The UK government has struck an agreement with the mobile industry whereby the country’s four operators will together invest £5 billion on improving network coverage — but has dropped its previous idea of imposing national roaming on the industry.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Intellicom acquires Smartport’s customer base for an undisclosed sum

Indigenous unified communications service provider, Intellicom today announced it has acquired the customer base of Smartport Systems SSI Ireland Ltd., a provider of telecoms services primarily to the retail and hospitality sectors, for an undisclosed sum.

Under the terms of the deal, Intellicom will switch Smartport’s customers to its IP-based communications service with immediate effect, assuming full responsibility for the delivery and technical support of all voice, data and networking requirements.

The customer base includes some of the capital’s best known retail and hospitality brands including Rolys, O’Donoghues, The Exchequer, Fade Street Social, Paddy Cullens, Trocadero and The Mercantile.

Commenting on the deal, Neil Wisdom, managing director with Intellicom said:

“This acquisition represents another step in our mission to bring simple, cost-effective and reliable communications services to Ireland’s business community. In extending our brand footprint into retail and hospitality, these businesses have responded positively to our philosophy of providing a single source of cost-effective communications services that will help retailers to offer enhanced in-store experiences and stand out from the crowd.”

Intellicom has developed iConnect, a single set of communications services, with options specifically tailored to the unique requirements of retail and hospitality. A single contract delivers on premise or hosted multi-site telephony with central reservations capabilities, resilient high-speed broadband, secure public Wi-Fi and other network services which support IP connected CCTV, Sports/News TV, digital signage and lightning fast IP-based credit card services.

“IP-based communications offers much more business flexibility,” added Neil Wisdom. “Consider the case of a restaurant with a small number of branches. Suddenly, you can have free, private telephony between sites, centralised reservations to maximise bookings across the chain and all with a professional service wrap underpinned by enterprise-grade security and pro-active management.”

“The team at Intellicom really understands our business needs,” said Carol Barden, general manager at O’Donoghue’s bar in Dublin. “Moving our communications to IP under a single contract enables us to make significant cost-savings while still enjoying premium communications services that offer great customer experience. The service is scalable and that means we can increase or decrease capacity as seasonality dictates.”

Intellicom was founded in 2005. The company has grown strongly since establishment and specialises in software development for telephony and contact centre solutions, voice and data telecoms services and IP-based networking for wholesale and retail public and private organisations of all sizes. Its flag ship telephony and softswitch product, Intellicom ICP (Intelligent Communications Platform), powers many well-known brands such as call centres, 11890 and Autoline Insurances, and private sector organisations such as Sentenial, Maynooth Business Campus, Sports Surgery Clinic, Europcar and Carton House Estates.

Friday, 19 December 2014

ESET Ireland Offers Help to Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

ESET Ireland Offers Help to Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers: Here Are the Tips Approved by Santa for Safe Holiday Shopping

Holiday time is around the corner and as many of us at ESET Ireland, a lot of people are also leaving Christmas shopping for the last moment. Some online shops are even offering to deliver presents even on Christmas Eve. We don’t blame you if you want to avoid the cold and shop from the browser window, just remember to stay safe and secure! That is why for all of us last-minute Christmas shoppers, here are nine “Santa approved online shopping tips.”

1. Ensure your computer is set up for safe shopping
Just like you wouldn’t drive a car that wasn’t road-safe, you shouldn’t shop on a computer that isn’t fit for online shopping.  Get it ship-shape by updating your operating system, web browser and any other software you can and install a security solution. The patches will close known vulnerabilities and the antivirus software will prevent online threats trying to steal your data. Try ESET’s free online virus scanner to see how your computer is faring:
2. Only buy from trusted sites

Using online vendors you can trust is extremely important. Items for sale should have good descriptions and include detailed delivery information with estimated arrival dates.  If you’re unsure of a website’s reputation, do some Google research – good websites will have no shortage of people singing their praises online.

3. Be secure when money is involved
When you log into a site, you should do so over a secure connection to prevent your details being visible to all. Sites tend to handle this through HTTPS connections, and it’s easy to spot: look for the word ‘https’ at the start of the address bar, and look for the lock in use on mobile devices. This encrypts your connection, and helps to keep your data just between you and the shop.

4. Be careful with free offers or amazing discounts
It’s not unusual for products to be discounted at busy shopping times to draw in customers at a hugely competitive time of year, but be cautious. Hackers could craft pop-up windows with amazing offers, designed to look like trusted vendors. Be especially sceptical of pop-ups telling you that you’ve won something, if you’ve never entered a competition with them.
5. Use secure wireless connections
Not all wi-fi is created equal! Free wi-fi hotspots are significantly less secure and should be treated with suspicion at the best of times, but doubly so if you’re wanting to do anything involving money: online banking or shopping. Use a secure connection only – your home or work network where snooping cybercriminals are less likely to be listening. 

6. Don’t give more information than you have to
It’s not unusual to have to register on websites before buying your presents, but you don’t need to overshare. Generally speaking the shops will ask for more information than they need – fields marked with an asterisk (*) are usually mandatory and can’t be skipped, but don’t feel you need to fill in the others. If they don’t confirm which are essential, trying to submit with nothing filled in will often make the website become a bit more transparent.

7. Use credit cards
Stores will often prefer you to use your debit card, rather than a credit card, but if you have the option, pay with credit card. Why? Credit cards usually have protection against fraud. Keep an eye on your accounts at all times, but especially in the period of your purchase and contact your bank immediately if you spot any suspicious activity.

8. Use passwords on all your devices
All your devices should be password protected. It’s tempting to keep phones unlocked for convenience, but with a lot of private data on them, a thief could do a lot of damage. Pick a good password, using two or more words and a combination of numbers and letters) and set your phone to lock itself after a few incorrect attempts.

9. Do backups monthly
Backing up your data is important, should you lose access to your computer through theft or infection. There’s also ransomware, where an attacker will remotely encrypt your files and demand money to decrypt them again. Frequent backups will mean you don’t have to give in to this kind of extortion. Monthly backups should be sufficient for most, but if you need a more regular schedule, then don’t be afraid to set one.
Finally, enjoy the shopping season from your sofa – just make sure you do so in a secure way. Attackers know this is the busiest time: it’s theirs too. So be sure to stay one step ahead of them with our tips, and stay vigilant.