Thursday, 21 August 2014

Global Startup Battle - Is your city listed

Startup Weekend are excited to announce that there is only until August 31st to register your city for Global Startup Battle (GSB). They've had a flood of applications come in for GSB 2014 and with a growing list of cities registered all over the world, they want to make sure your city is one of them!

Check out our updated list of cities registered for GSB 2014! If your city isn't on the list, register today.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MyPlace Connect announces new Free WiFi services for hotels

Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider, MyPlace Connect has rolled out an innovative new service specifically designed to meet the WiFi requirements of the accommodation industry. Launched in May 2014 by the fast growing global tech company which is headquartered in Ireland, this new service sees MyPlace Connect partner with hotels and other accommodation venues to become their free WiFi provider of choice. 

MyPlace Connect’s new WiFi service for hotels and other accommodation venues is in addition to the hundreds of locations across Europe, the USA and India where it is currently available, including restaurants, caf├ęs and pubs and entertainment venues. 

As well as hotels and accommodation venues in the UK and France, the network provider has already partnered with a large number of hotels in Ireland.

MyPlace Connect and TripAdvisor 

MyPlace Connect have also integrated the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor, into the logging on process. This new feature is a much sought after development for venues such as hotels and is an example of a range of additional features that MyPlace Connect will be bringing to the network over time. 

TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching nearly 260 million unique monthly visitors and more than 150 million reviews and opinions covering more than 1.4m hotels, B&B’s and vacation rental properties. 

Founded in 2011, MyPlace Connect has expanded rapidly and is already Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider. Since this new service for hotels and other accommodation venues was launched, MyPlace Connect has seen a 15% growth rate per month in the number of new rooms which have been added to their network. 

Peadar Gormley, the CEO and Founder of MyPlace Connect, is confident the company’s wave of expansion will continue “We are very excited about MyPlace Connect’s expansion into the accommodation industry. The new TripAdvisor feature aimed at assisting holiday-makers or business travellers is also an excellent addition for MyPlace Connect users and for the hotel and accommodation venue owners themselves. With MyPlace Connect already experiencing significant growth rates, we are very eager to continue extending the company’s services to more clients in the accommodation industry as well as implementing additional features to this new service."

Holiday Inn Killarney is one of the hotels who MyPlace Connect are providing free WiFi to, and Misja Herfurt from Holiday Inn Killarney said that “Guests now expect hotels to provide free easy accessible WiFi as standard. It is no longer an optional extra. The free WiFi service MyPlace Connect offers is a perfect match for Holiday Inn’s hotel guests. Our guests can use the seamless process provided by MyPlace Connect to connect to the internet, and there is no more handing out of passwords and logins.”   

MyPlace Connects free WiFi services are currently used by customers in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, the USA, the Netherlands and India. Initially developed as an advertising platform, MyPlace Connect has grown to become a highly adaptable, mobile cloud based, hotspot solution. 

Viatel to invest €125 million as part of ongoing European expansion

Viatel, one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies, is set to invest €125 million in a major expansion. Over the coming year the firm will invest in extending its fibre infrastructure, cloud services and data centres, and will execute on a stream of acquisitions, supported by newly announced funding partner, Proventus Capital Partners.

“This is an exciting time for Viatel” says company CEO, Colm Piercy, “While we already connect 150 data centres and thousands of multinational enterprises and organisations across Western Europe, this investment will now enable us to enhance our services and to extend our reach further and deeper within Europe, and to connect new locations in the USA, Canada, the Middle East and Asia” he adds.

Already one of the largest owners of transcontinental duct and fibre across Europe, Viatel also offer a wide portfolio of voice and managed services, and operate an extensive data centre estate. Building on these foundations, Viatel is strategically positioned to be a major driving force in the inevitable consolidation of fragmented providers. The company is working on a pipeline of prospective acquisitions which will secure Viatel’s position as a leading unified services and infrastructure competitor, guaranteeing real disruption for the sector through better pricing and improved services to customers.

“Proventus Capital Partners is committed to working with dynamic and growth oriented businesses throughout Europe. In Viatel, we have found an exciting mix of opportunity and capability and we look forward to working closely with management to develop the company’s true potential” comments Henrik Bjerklin, Investment Director with Proventus Capital Partners.

“On foot of this investment, we are now expanding our sales, technical and product development and delivery teams in London, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Our new partnership with Proventus will enable Viatel to greatly accelerate our growth and to transform the European telecommunications sector into the future” says Piercy